How a Simple Massage Video Can Improve Your Relationship

Everyone want an awesome relationship filled with peace love and passion, and many relationships the beginning that is. Then, after the initial attraction and mystery all that stuff seems to decrease after reality sets in. It happens to everyone. Instead of just staying that way, in this article we’ll look at how to bring keep it or bring it back, by using simple massage techniques that have been around for thousands of years. You can learn them easily from a massage video.

Why a massage video?

Well it’s very inexpensive, easy to do and master in a short period of time at home, but there are plenty more, which we’ll discuss now.

The Need for Touch

Many couples just don’t touch each other enough! Our bodies are built to have a positive response to caring loving touch and, as numerous studies have shown, we all need it and we feel better the more we have.The long list benefits of massage to health and well being are amazing. Benefits such as, improve circulation, improve immune system function, help with a deeper sleep and of course enhance the qualiy of life by feeling better.

Not only is a couple sharing these health benefits using a massage video the’ re sharing something vital that’s been missing; human touch. Caring touch done the right way is more powerful than saying “I’m sorry or “I love you”. It says it without having to say a word.

Stress: the intimacy killer.

Stress can cause several problems in relationships in many areas but it’s really noticed in the area of intimacy.When we’re stressed our bodies are in survival mode it actually responds as if we are in danger. Since it’s first priority is to keep us alive, other important functions start to shut down such as, immune function, digestion, tissue repair and yes, libido.

But it gets worse. Stress that’s chronic tends to take on a life of its
own. Even though being stressed all the time is not good for us, after a period of time being in this state we tend to not notice it as much and it seems normal. then we tend to focus on the symptoms instead of addressing the real problem and cause.

It’s hard enough for many couples to maintain a satisfying intimate exciting love life after many years together when things are going smoothly never mind insanely busy schedules, mounting bills debt and the fast paced life of most of today’s couples.

Setting a regular time each week or so, and practicing on each other all the techniques learned from the massage video, and having fun with it, can really help relieve stress that’s harming the relationship.

Increases the effectiveness of love making techniques

That’s right, despite popular belief, even the very best love making techniques aren’t the savior of a lackluster love life. In fact they can be next to us less if there is tons of stress in the relationship or individually in the lives of the couples. Caring touch done properly is not only essential for a healthy fulfilling love life, but when you cure stress an develop intimacy sharing massage moves with a massage video, any other techniques or strategies are much more powerful and can be enjoyed the way the’ re supposed to, to the fullest extent.

Hopefully by now, you can see the awesome benefits learning massage from a massage video can have on a relationship as well as overall health and well being, and that Sharing the techniques learned from a massage video is a prefect way for a couple to reduce stress, increase intimacy, and connect more deeply with each other, as well as have a lot more fun.