The hot trends in allied health point to growth in certain fields that some people may not even consider to be health care careers. Now that alternative medicine and holistic healing have become so popular and accepted as an important addition to Western medicine, even more healthcare careers have entered the marketplace. Some of the fastest growing jobs in the healthcare field fall into these alternative and holistic categories, and these emerging job markets are definitely a noticeable trend.

Allied health careers were identified as "a cluster of health professions covering as many as 100 occupational titles, exclusive of physicians, nurses and a handful of others" by the Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions. This obviously includes a lot of professions. Medical assistants, dental hygienists, opticians, radiologic technologists / technicians, diagnostic medical sonographers, cardiovascular technologists / technicians and paramedics are some of the most well known health care professions. These only scratch the surface of the allied health world, though.

One of the fastest growing allied health careers is the field of massage therapy, which is expected to grow by approximately 20 percent in the next decade. More and more people are relying on massages to relieve stress, reduce tension, diminish pain, accelerate healing, promote blood flow and speed the body's detoxification process. Physical therapy is another growing profession, especially as the elderly population continues to increase. Physical therapists help people recover from injuries, which could be work-related, sports-related, accident-related or simply the result of old age. Personal trainers are also considered allied health professionals, and with the popularity of shows like The Biggest Loser, their demand has certainly increased.

Alternative medicine techniques such as acupuncture and oriental medicine are becoming increasingly common as well. The fact is that people are looking beyond the confines of doctor's offices and hospitals to maintain their health and improve their lives these days, which is making a big impact on the medical field. As the hot trends in health continue heading in this direction, jobs in fields like massage therapy, personal training and acupuncture will continue to be in great demand.