Every mom's wish is to have a happy and healthy family. We try to feed our kids healthy foods but how much exercise are they actually getting. No, going from the fridge to the couch is not exercising (my kids tried that one on me!) So, we sat down as a family and thought up some fun ways to exercise at home. It's a great way to spend time with the kids, have a good laugh and best of all … It's Free!

Big Balloon Parachute

Inflate 8-10 medium to large size balloons (PARENTS: Always inflate the balloons yourself because they are a choking hazard to children)

Place balloons in the center of an old bed sheet and have kids grab the sides of the sheet. The goal is to toss the balloons up and down without any falling on the floor. This is good exercise for those little biceps and triceps!

Balance Beam

Run a piece of electrical tape in a straight line across the floor. Have kids take turns walking heal to toe across the "Beam". Another option is to have them hop on one foot across the beam, change feet and hop back. If the fall too far off the beam have them get back in line and start over.

Limbo, Limbo, Limbo!

Tie a streamer between two chairs spread about 4ft apart. Put on some fun music.Have a ball! Okay, so this may not be considered exercise but it is considered fun. Go with it!

Pumping Iron

Fill two 16oz plastic bottles with dried beans, sand or water (if you're brave)

Place one in each hand and see who can do the most lifting.

Balloon Volleyball

Tie a thick string between two heavy chairs about three feet off the floor. Place an old bed sheet over the string. Inflate a large balloon and let the kids stand on opposite sides of the sheet hitting the balloon back and forth until it hits the floor.

If you like you can offer some kind of reward for the winners. Something like a sticker or whatever you feel is appropriate.

Show your kids that exercise does not have to be hard. It can actually be quite fun and with some of the above activities they will not even realize that they are getting any exercise. You also need to remember that if you keep things light and fun, your kids will want to keep doing them.