Holistic Approach for Arthritis

A holistic approach for arthritis was the key to my success in recovering from rheumatoid arthritis and regaining my health. Following a natural approach was the difference between getting well or getting sicker. Natural or holistic health is gaining the attention it deserves as more people are becoming dissatisfied with mainstream health care. Natural healing was the first medicine and has existed since the beginning of time. Natural healing differs from main stream medicine in that it addresses the root cause of a disease rather than just treating symptoms. It focuses on bringing strength to the body which facilitates its innate ability to heal. Everyone can benefit from a holistic approach for arthritis and other diseases. It requires a commitment and a desire to get well, research, thinking outside of the box, treating the whole body and using nature rather than prescription drugs. I opted to use natural medicine for my rheumatoid arthritis and feel very lucky I did. A holistic approach for arthritis is a good prescription for recovery, health and vitality.

First and foremost is the commitment to getting well with the holistic approach for arthritis. It is fundamental that you have a strong desire to recover. Believe it or not, some people consciously or subconsciously do not really want to get better because their illness is serving some type of need. Believing that you can recover from illness or disease is essential, along with a sound plan. It can be trying to change lifelong habits and open the mind to new things but, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to restore your health. Is there anything more important than your health?

Next step is to empower yourself with knowledge. Part of a holistic approach for arthritis is understanding the disease. Researching the disease or illness and alternative treatments available is very enlightening. It enables you to make the best decisions concerning your treatment plan. The days of blindly following “doctors’ orders are coming to an end as they do not always have your best interest in mind – only you do! My initial research into a holistic approach for arthritis taught me that there are many alternative, healthier treatments for rheumatoid arthritis. They seem to be kept under the radar because they work. These alternative, non drug therapies focus on treating the cause of the disease rather than just suppressing a symptom with a drug. Disease is simply an imbalance within the body that creates symptoms as a warning signal. We must use these signals to determine the problem and begin the process of restoring the body’s delicate balance. This approach strengthens the body by ridding it of toxins and replacing it with what it needs to do what it does best – heal itself.

Treating the cause of a disease is the only way to overcome it and a holistic approach for arthritis does just that.. The goal is to understand the symptoms and look at the whole picture. Imbalances in the body create illness and correcting the imbalances is the key to recovery. The entire body is involved in the process. One of the first things I learned was most diseases, especially RA, are a result of gastrointestinal issues. Some people, for many reasons, have faulty gastrointestinal tracts that allow partially digested food and other substances to leak into their bloodstream. This is called “leaky gut syndrome” and creates food allergies and autoimmunity responses. Autoimmune means your body is attacking itself and with rheumatoid arthritis it attacks the joints. Recent studies show a direct connection between “leaky gut syndrome” and autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

Effective treatment, therefore, is not in steroids and other toxic drugs typically prescribed but with this holistic approach for arthritis. Research has shown a very common imbalance in people with arthritis is leaky gut syndrome. An important part of treatment here is to identify those foods that the body is reacting to. Even a healthy natural food could be a problem if the body has developed an intolerance to it. Learning what foods the body is reacting to and those foods which the body needs is key to recovery. There are foods that can heal (restorative) and foods that cause sickness. Identification of food intolerance’s and a healthy diet of whole, natural foods are essential to healing from arthritis. There are amazing testimonials from people making complete recoveries by changing the foods they ate. In addition to dietary changes, natural supplements and herbs are an important part of the holistic approach for arthritis. Herbs such as echinacea, ginger and turmeric are natural anti inflammatories. Aloe Vera is also a anti inflammatory as well as a pain reliever. Unlike drugs, these natural remedies work with the body and do no harm. Nature has much more to offer than the pharmaceutical industry.

If you have the will to recover from arthritis or any other disease, you can. Take responsibility for your own health. Take the time and effort that natural healing requires. It will empower you. Holistic health will once again be mainstream medicine, simply because it works. Natural healing brings about true healing and cure because it respects the body and the whole person. Simply medicating with prescription drugs is not the answer. Ironically the very medicines used to treat many disease, actually make them worse. All that we need is provided by nature. Go take advantage of it!