Hiring Trends In Healthcare – 2010

Skills in Demand

With the consistent upward trend in the healthcare Industry there is huge demand for specialist doctors and experienced Nurses in the respective specialties. Survey respondents were allowed multiple answers.

Average hiring for a single hospital per year is around 50 from the different departments and specialties.

When asked which overall category was experiencing the most growth within their Hospitals, the top reply was Gynecology, with 23% of the response. Cardiology followed at 15% and Pediatrician was third, with 13% of the response.

Hiring Methodology

A usual trend in the healthcare industry was considered to be through personal references and through newspapers, but surprisingly the demand for right personnel has forced the healthcare industry to bank on electronic media like jobsites and emails.

The highest attrition is for Nurse and Duty doctors who are also high in demand. The finding of the report is startling and reveals the correlation between the hiring and attrition rate in organizations.

With the scarcity of healthcare personnel, even hospitals are finding it difficult to hire fresh candidates.

Unlike other Industries, there is no specific hiring period and almost all the healthcare organizations hire round the year.

Keeping these trends in mind and going further will maximize your potential towards the healthcare niche.

Regional Outlook

HR Managers in the West North South states forecast the strongest hiring activity. 78% of executives expect to add staff and only 2% anticipate personnel cutbacks.

Survey Methodology

The national poll includes responses from more than 400 HR Managers from a stratified random sample of Hospitals and Healthcare firms with 50 or more beds