HGH therapy to increase height

HGH is human growth hormone and produced in the body and as the name says, it is essential for the growth. That means it is crucial for a child to develop into an adult. If the levels of the hormone are low, it can result in stunted growth and impaired development. The production of the hormone is highest in young age as that is when the hormone is needed most but as age advances, there is a lull in the production of HGH. Once it happens, many organs can start malfunctioning and to prevent it, HGH supplements will be required. Read the full review here.

HGH supplements and height benefits

The pituitary gland or the master gland is responsible for the creation of HGH. The hormone has several other benefits as well including increased metabolism, faster burning of fats and even enhancing brain function. There are two cases in which HGH supplements are used, one is when in adults the levels of growth hormone decreases resulting in various organs not functioning well and the second is, for children who have growth deficiencies because the pituitary gland does not work or is damaged and not releasing the required amount of growth hormone.

Stunted growth in children means many body parts have not developed as they should and also such children can remain short in stature. These issues often harm their self-esteem. That is why the medical treatment of such children becomes crucial. In such cases, growth hormone therapy can be beneficial.

There have been many studies to find how effective is HGH in increasing height. A study has proved that HGH treatment indeed is effective and it can increase the height to at least three inches. At the same time, it all depends on the dosage, time period and of course frequency of the therapy. It is also important to note that the treatment can also cost a lot.

The study was conducted on different children for a period up to several years. It has also to be noted that it is not just growth hormone deficiency that can stunt growth but even hereditary factors. Check the full review here.

How is HGH effective

HGH can be very effective in children suffering from idiopathic short stature syndrome. Thus, it can be concluded that HGH therapy can indeed by effective in increasing height in children but only in some cases. Also, those suffering from growth issues due to genetics may not be cured with HGH. At the same time, it is important for children to get nutritious diet as good food can help in the development of children because body needs many nutrients which are essential for the functioning of body organs.

There are various HGH supplements available but it is important to buy them from verified sources as there are fake ones available as well. Also, when it comes to using HGH for increasing height, it is always essential to seek the physician’s advice and go as per his suggestions and recommendations.