Herbalife The Number One Global Distributor Of Health And Wellness Products

Herbalife is one of the leading and largest distributors of herbal products throughout the world and has operations in more than 70 countries. The company manufactures and distributes herbal products related to health, weight loss and skin care. Weight Management, Skin care, diet supplements, digestion pills, nutrition supplements are the main types of products that the company provides with excellence. Herbalife is a global company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and currently has over 1.9 million distributors serving people in more than 70 countries; with annual sales of around $3.5 billion dollars and a staff of more than 3,500. It goes without saying that Herbalife serves millions of satisfied customers throughout the world.

Herbalife was started by Mark Reynolds Hughes in 1980 when he was just 24; initially the founder started selling his weight loss products from his car. Creativity and honest work are something which are stepping stones for success. Here Mr. Hughes sold his original weight loss products with a punch line called “lose your weight now. Ask me how?” This later became the core reason for the company’s growth. The only reason behind founding this company was to product the consumers from unhealthy and duplicate products promising weight loss or any other medical advantages. There is a small story behind formation of this company said by Mr. Hughes whose mother died because of an overdose of some pills used for weight loss.

Every company follows its own strategy to sell the products but the only motive is “profitable business”. Unlike other companies Herbalife sells its products through “Multi Level Marketing” targeting its customers directly without many intermediates. However the company claims to have sales of more than $3.5 billion dollars.

Herbalife now being established as a multibillion dollar company advertises however not in a traditional way. Herbalife selects the option to advertise their brand in different unique techniques by acting as sponsors to various sport events keeping in mind both their meaning and other aspects of personal development. A large amount of the company’s employees and independent distributors participate in Triathlons and other large sporting events on an international level quite number of times every year. In addition they sponsor some of the world’s best professional ,Olympic athletes in more than 20 different sports.

Given this unique synergy of product exposure and availability, many people who are exposed to the brand and learn about the impressive high quality products ask a common question. How do I purchase Herbalife products if I don’t want to become a distributor and don’t know a distributor in my area? And to this question luckily there is a great answer, a few forward thinking distributors have launched feature rich secure shopping websites where anyone can buy the products at great prices and with superior customer support.

Herbalife is still continuing to grow the business at an impressive rate though they greatly miss their founder Mr. Hughes the company is now managed by Michael Johnson as the Chief Executive Officer. Michael Johnson was best known for his role as President of Walt Disney International.

Herbalife has a number of successful products as feathers in its cap. Some of the products which were sold by the founder as the first set of products are still ruling the global market one example is its star product The Formula 1, which is now the cornerstone product for the ShapeWorks weight management programs. ShapeWorks system products are available for individual purchase or you can choose one of 3 already pre-packaged offerings. ShapeWorks Quick Start Protein Plus, ShapeWorks Advanced Protein Plus and ShapeWorks Ultimate Protein Plus. The ShapeWorks Ultimate package includes; Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex, Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder, Cell Activator, Herbal Tea Concentrate, Total Control, Cell-U-Loss, Snack Defense and a Variety Pack of 13 snack items!

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