Healthy Snack Foods

Often one would find it rather convenient to pick up a snack like chips of French fries to satisfy their pallets or hunger especially if they do not have time to prepare or put ingredients together to make a quick snack. But fallout of munching fried, sugary or fatty snacks is unwanted fat accumulation in the body which will require a lot of effort to get rid of. One should not confuse thirst with appetite and substitute food in place of water. Also one should prefer to eat filling, tasty and healthy snack and not just go by the appearance and taste of the snack alone.

Some options for eats between meals include; walnuts, yogurt, seeds of sunflower, tuna, smoothies of fruits, coy chips, olives, cottage cheese low in fat, hummus, slices if chicken breast, vegetables with green salad, beams salad, cherry tomatoes, fully boiled egg, peanut butter, jello which is sugar free, fruits like oranges or apples, cheese sticks low in fats, florets of broccoli, crackers of whole wheat, almonds, rice cakes, salsa served with corn chip, cereals low in fats, raisins, dry -fruits, granola , soymilk and so on.

The snacks must be mixed with minimum quantities of dressing, salt or seasonings since these will diminish the positives of the snack. Drinks like sugary soda, or fruit drinks should be avoided. Instead, milk low in fat, fresh fruit juices or water is preferable.

One should remember that the body should not be completely devoid of fat and sugar. Along with a balanced and nutritious food, one can indulge in snacks high in fat or calories, but in moderate levels.