Healthy Food for Wealthy Life

Nowadays people are getting more and more health conscious.

Nutritionists and doctors always advise us to eat healthy food.

Most of us ignore the advice and eat whatever our taste buds prefer.

We eat more of tasty food without paying much attention to healthy food.

The quantity of food we eat also determines our health.

Food taken more than the requirement is only digested partially and the rest acts as a foreign substance.

Hunger is the natural expression of the needs of the system and appetite is the index for the quantity of food to be taken.

The nutritional quality of various kinds of foods is being described in a most popular language to feed the brains of the common men and women.

The lists of healthy foods are being published in books and health magazines.

‘Do not eat junk food’ is a slogan we hear from the four corners of the world.

Still the restaurants selling the junk food are increasing in number all over the world.

Mostly young people are trapped by the chain of food stalls which impart an injurious habit.

Americans eat more of junk foods than any other nationals, because of their multiplicity and availability.

Healthy food is one which has less oil (fat), salt and spices.

But our tongue looks for oily, salty and spicy foods for a better taste.

How to compromise?

In fact, diet influences every aspects of our life including our mood, body weight, sexuality, fertility, life span etc.,

Breakfast followed by lunch, evening snack and night dinner is a set pattern followed by everyone in the world, with slight modification at times.

Whatever healthy food we eat should be digested before we take the next course of food.
Better digestion takes place only when we do physical exercise.

In other words, calories have to be burnt to gain energy to do work.

Reducing the body weight is one of the major problems faced by a good lot of people in most of the developed countries.

Obesity has become almost a disease to fight with.

In fact, vegetable and fruits are considered to be healthy foods, because of their fibre and mineral contents.

Non vegetarians get animal proteins from fish, mutton, beef and chicken.

Milk and its products such as curd, cheese and cream contain most of the essential nutrients we require.

Similarly, egg also is a good source of protein.

It is always debated whether vegetarian diet is superior to non vegetarian diet.

There are arguments for and against each type of diet.

One thing acceptable from these arguments is the selection of food to eat depends on the climatic conditions in which one lives.

People living in temperate region prefer non vegetarian diet whereas people in the tropics prefer vegetarian diet.

Healthy food for children, middle aged and aged people will also vary.

Food nutrition is a good field of specialization.

Standards have been fixed for good food based on their chemistry.

Dieticians know much about the standards and they also know about what to eat and what not to eat.

Because of greediness for excess production of food for the ever increasing population, all sorts of adulteration take place.

Such adulterations are not known fully well to the people who consume such foods.

Production of most of the agricultural products is subjected to poisonous pesticides and other chemicals.

Animals and birds are being injected with excess doses of antibiotics and growth promoting hormones.

The reseals as well as the accumulated substances are accompanied with the consumed meat creating trouble to humans.

Therefore, the movement of organic agriculture is gaining importance in every country.

Food safety is the talk of the day.

Safe food and environment are needed for human health.

Thus healthy food has a number of dimensions.

One has to take care of his or her health by going through the details of healthy food.

Strict control on the food we eat is essential to achieve a healthy life for a happy stay in this Planet.

Let us not neglect the habit of taking only healthy food and feeding our children with it.