Healthy Eating Habits is the Key to a Healthy Heart

A large number of people around the world are suffering from different types of heart conditions and diseases. The most common cause of heart problems is eating unhealthy, fatty foods. Food rich in saturated fats reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol leads to deposit of fatty acids in the body, which in turn reduces the blood flow to the arteries and causes severe heart problems. It is therefore important to eat healthy food because healthy eating is the key to healthy heart.

It is a general assumption that healthy eating means giving up your favourite foods like meat, pastas, cakes and puddings. But, this is not so. In fact, healthy eating is more about a balanced diet. It involves choosing foods from different food groups.

A great example of balanced diet is one that includes lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, pasta, rice, noodles, lot of vegetables and salads. A vegetarian person can take meat alternatives like beans, nuts, legumes or lentils. One should plan a sensible meal for a healthy heart. All fats are not bad for our heart and body. So, use oils such as sunflower, canola, soybean, olive, peanut rather than coconut oil and palm oil for cooking or frying. Similarly, consume skimmed or low fat dairy products, milk, yogurt and cheese and not full fat dairy products. If you like meat, you can eat lean meat but try not to eat sausages, offal, kidney or liver as they contain high levels of cholesterol.

If you are fond of pastas and pizzas, you can enjoy them too. But, use low fat products to prepare healthy heart recipes. These days, you can find a number of companies that sell low cholesterol products in the form of spreads and oils that are good for heart. You can use them to prepare some healthy heart recipes such as creamy mushroom fettucine, creamy chicken pasta, tuna and carrot pasta bake, lentil and tomato soup with spices, baked salmon with rice, roasted vegetable lasagna, muffins, date cake and many more delicious foods without worrying about high cholesterol intake.

For healthy heart, try to adopt low fat cooking methods like baking, poaching, grilling, steaming or using the microwave. At the same time, drink lots of fresh water or diluted juice to quench your thirst. Avoid soft drinks and energy drinks as they can be harmful for the body. You can follow this simple and healthy eating schedule and assure yourself of a healthy heart and therefore, a longer life.