You need not stuff yourself with vitamin supplements for nutrition and starve yourself just because you are looking to lose some weight. Rather you need to find some healthy diet recipes that will enable you to enjoy the entire process of going on a diet and shedding some excess weight.

The key to losing weight is healthy eating. In order to prepare healthy diet recipes it is important for you to know which foods to eat and which to avoid. Furthermore certain foods have different kinds of nutritious value when used in combination. Hence it is important to be aware of these combinations in order to prepare pleasurable diet meals. In general you will find that foods are divided into three groups; the vegetable group, the fruit group and the meat and beans group.

Vegetable Group

The vegetable group is further divided into five subgroups. The first group comprises of dark green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, turnip, and romaine lettuce. The second group is orange vegetables which comprises of carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkins. Dried beans and peas like black beans, kidney beans, white beans, tofu, and soy beans from the third group. The fourth group comprises of starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn and green peas. Then you have the group classified as others which includes various vegetables like mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and cauliflower.

Fruit Group

Although people going on a diet are encouraged to have lots of fruits it is important to note that not all foods have the same kinds of nutrients and not all of them will help you to lose weight and keep healthy. The key is to mix up your intake of fruits with a variety of oranges, apples, berries, melons, papaya and plums. Fresh fruits are encouraged over canned fruits. Drink lots of fruit juice but make sure you have only freshly squeezed juice with no added sugar if you really want to reap health benefits.

Meat & Beans Group

This is perhaps the most interesting group for individuals looking to go on a diet. It includes all meats such as beef, veal, lamb and other game meats. Organ meats such as the tongue, hearts, liver and gizzards are also encouraged. Poultry items like chicken, duck, turkey and ghouls are also encouraged. Fish and its varieties can also be used to create healthy diet recipes.

The section of beans that you can use for making healthy diet recipes include dry beans and peas as well as soya products like tofu. Also included in this category are pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, peanut butter, and regular peanuts.

The above-mentioned information will enable you to select the right kind of fruits, vegetables and meats and beans in order to prepare the perfect healthy diet recipes. You’ll have plenty of variety among which all the food will be healthy, and the dishes tasty and delicious.

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