Healthy Bread Recipes

The benefits of healthy bread recipes is that bread is a good source of protein and complex carbohydrates. Good bread is high in niacin, riboflavin and other B complex vitamins. Certain kinds of breads contain good amounts of calcium and iron. Whole Grain breads are high in fiber. Healthy Bread REcipes should contain all of the aforementioned or at least, most of the ingredients.

Since prehistoric times, bread has been a staple food in virtually every society. In early times as hunter gatherers settled into agricultural societies, this simple food only required stones to grind the grain into flour or meal. Then water and/or other liquids were added to mix it into a dough. Then a means of cooking the dough made it into a bread. These types of breads were usually flat, such as chapatis, tortillas, matzo and types of crackers. It was not until the introduction of baking powder, yeast and a medley of other leavening agents came about, did the invention of `giving dough a lift’ thereby allowing the breads to rise.

Today, we have such a variety of flours, yeasts, leavening agents, almost every type of bread known to man is made and so is healthy bread and those are the very best recipes.

The type flours offered to us the other ingredients interact giving us the various kinds of bread, their unique textures and flavors. Breads come in various shapes and sizes – we are looking for a healthy bread recipe to provide us with nutrients – niacin, riboflavin,B-complex vitamins, and calcium, iron, whole grain. That sounds like a lot to request, but we can get it. We can also make it with a bread maker if you have one.

Since bread is one of our main staples, it should be the healthiest bread we can find and if we cannot find it, make it yourself. And there is nothing more pleasing than a healthy bread that one can make a healthy sandwich with.

Did you know that bread has just as many calories as toast? Just some of the moisture has come out of the bread when toasting.

It is noteworthy to mention some of the healthiest breads; whole wheat bread, Multi-grain bread, Flax-seed bread, oat bran bread, pumpernickel bread, Whole wheat pita pocket,rye bread and the list goes on. Even white bread is fortified with iron, niacin, thiamine and calcium.

So check your list to see what is healthy in breads if you are purchasing and if you are making it yourself, you already know what is good in you healthy bread recipes.