Health Tips for New College Students

Health Tips for New College Students

Staying healthy on campus may be one of the more overlooked items of importance when it comes to college living…especially when there are more important things such as deadlines and midterms to be concerned with. But what many college students tend to forget is that on campus, illnesses run rampant especially in the winter. The risks are too great to avoid a daily dose of healthy reminders in order to stay healthy and not have to miss too much class for reasons that could have been avoided. Here are some tips to help college students stay healthy and going strong at the university.

First, before heading off to college, it would be a good thing to get your vaccinations in order. There is a big mix of completely different people from all around the world in close quarters with one another and disease and illness can be easily spread, especially when using shared resources like those of colleges and universities.

Put together a healthy eating plan. With the hectic schedule college demands, it is very easy to simply grab whatever is easy to eat such as a double cheeseburger and onion rings…every day. The dorms make it very easy to not only consume deep fried foods regularly, but in quite an amazing abundance. Try to focus on a healthy diet, sticking with fruits and vegetables and try to make those things, such as french fries, you know shouldn’t be going into your body more like rewards than an everyday necessity in your diet.

Get enough sleep. Sleep is so important in order to keep yourself healthy. Many college students believe sleep is overrated, yes, I confess…but now I correct that mistake. Lack of sleep will only make things worse in the lines of illnesses and even academics. Yes, you may do just fine without sleep, but just think about how much more you will enjoy your college experience while potentially even doing better than you are WITHOUT sleep. No sleep = heightened risk of illness due to lower immune system defense and more.

Try to keep a regular exercise schedule. Sitting around and studying may exercise your brain cells but not necessarily the rest of your body. You can use the college gym or just take a run, but it is a good thing to get the blood circulating through your body and brain. This oxygenation will help improve your studies and will make many things a lot easier for you in the long run, not to mention boost your immune system.

Drink plenty of water. Many students tend to forget this and simply grab a soda. Let’s see…you need a quick drink as you are on the go, ah yes soda machine! You stick your hand in your pocket to find only a little change left. “Oh man I forgot I had those other three sodas earlier. Darn, I am so thirsty and I need something for class!”
Keep a water bottle in your bag and keep it filled. It does wonders and not to mention helps keep your body healthy.

In regards to the “communal living” aspect of college, make sure you are cautious of all the different people who use the restroom at your dorm. This is not home where mom may clean up after you. The college restrooms are, indeed, cleaned once a day or so, but they can get dirty really quick. Wear flip flops in the shower and make sure you try to avoid placing things on the counter tops such as razors that you may be shaving and such with. Be sure to wash your hands regularly in college as well.

Even though it may be rather difficult to remember to do all these things, this is not all. In fact there are many other tips at our website and more. But all I am trying to say in this article is to simply be a little more cautious about staying healthy in college in order to help you stay healthy as well as others. Good luck with all of your future college endeavors and stay well!