It has become a real challenge for healthcare providers due to the increase in the population of elderly people, which has resulted in various chronic diseases. Health care industries are striving to meet this challenge due to the increased 300% per capital spend over this. To overcome this some kind of processing and streamlining has to be done using mobiles for treating the patients.

The “tele health care” market has been introduced to extend the healthcare beyond the walls of hospitals. The system must provide a method to monitor signs and transmit it to the hospital through a mobile device. A large variety of such systems have started to immerge in the market. Such systems are fitted according to the need and orientation of the specific disease. Some of them are of generic type, which could be integrated with medical sensors acting as a mobile front end. Hardware and software manufacturers play a major role in tele health care producing all kind of systems ranging from stand alone Internet information system to highly integrated medical sensors. Tele health care system provides a new business opportunity to these manufacturers. Mobile network operators show great interest in promoting tele health care system.

The mobile health care system is made use in hospitals, public health care organization, health insurance companies and in pharmaceutical industries. The system combines network and wave devices and hence instantaneously stores the patient heath data. The tele heath care system is unique because of the intelligent application layer, which processes different information and disseminates them according to the various stakeholders, wherein the stakeholders includes doctors, health insurers and hospitals.

The mobile device used here is a wireless lightweight device attached to the patient, which monitors the sign in real time at regular intervals. The monitored readings are sent to the mobile phones via Bluetooth or WAN. The Bluetooth device is used because it provides easy and robust connectivity. The health care solution deals with the core technologies to build mobile infrastructure to translate elements of health information architecture using secure mobile information into a new architecture making use of third generation mobile technology (3G technology).

The benefit of this kind of system is that it is, portable, easy to use. The readings taken are very accurate. It simulates consultation; both objective and subjective matter is present. Patient information is generated for health insurance and it is used for accessing the same .The mobile monitoring system is customized to suit the individual needs of patients, along with which guaranteeing the best levels of accuracy, integrity and security. Mobile phones when used as an access device offers critical healthcare with at most availability.

What kind of expert healthcare would be provided to patients, which does not interrupt their daily lifestyle after so much of cost, manpower and other implications are provided? Without any hesitation the answer to the above is mobile health care system.