The gums in our mouth are also known as gingivae. They contain mucous membranes which are connected to the membrane that surrounds the bone, with the help of the thick fibrous tissues. These gums, surround the crown or the exposed portion of the tooth. They are rich in blood vessels and they mainly receive blood from the alveolar arteries. The gums are at least 1 mm thick, but with age, they decrease in size, thus exposing the surface of the tooth. The gum is prone to several infections if one does not take proper care of them. Hence it’s better to know what are the various gum infection treatment methods.

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Gum Infections: Causes and Treatments
If one does not maintain a good oral hygiene, then gum disease and infection is bound to happen. The infection occurs due to growth of bacteria in the mouth, which destroys the tissues that surround the gums. Also, when plaque starts forming on teeth and if the person does not get it removed, it starts to harden and forms tartars, which in turn becomes the breeding ground for various germs that cause the infection.

A person who is suffering from gum infection, will suffer from bad breath, swollen gums, redness of gums, severe toothache, bleeding gums, loose tooth, formation of pus between the teeth and the gums and various other oral problems. Hence, it’s important that one knows what are the various gum infection treatment.

Treatment for Gum Infection: Home Remedies
Don’t you thinks it’s better, treating gum infection without antibiotics? Some might not suit some people, while some may even cause side effects in others. Hence, gum infection treatment at home is the best way to get rid of the problem. These are natural remedies and do not cause any side effects. Given below are some gum infection home remedies, which you can try out, in case you too are suffering from the same problem.
•Swishing warm water mixed with salt in your mouth, will reduce the infection in the gums and will also reduce the chances of the problem of swollen gums. Do this after every meal in order to clean your mouth well.
•Hydrogen peroxide powder (½ spoon), mixed with ½ cup water, and rising your mouth with that, is one of the best gum infection treatment to kill the infection causing bacteria.
•For severe pain, the best home remedy is clove and cinnamon oil. Whenever you have gum infection or pain due to tooth decay, a drop of this oil will ease the pain.
•You can also make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it on the infected area. This too will help you to kill the infections. There, seriously, is no end to baking soda uses.
•Aloe vera, is a great remedy, when it comes to gum disease treatment. You can either apply some aloe vera paste on the infected area, or if you drink the juice everyday, then even that will help the gums from further infection.
•’An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. I would also like to add, ‘an apple a day, keeps gum diseases away’. Eating an apple everyday, will only make your gums stronger and even more healthier. The nutrients that are present in the apples are responsible for that. So, leave aside that burger and pick up the apple if you want to save your gums.
•A mixture of lemon juice and salt, is also one of the best gum infection treatment. Just apply some on the infected area and the pain will be gone in a few minutes.
•Garlic can also used as an effective painkiller to reduce the pain due to gum infection. You can mix garlic and rock salt and use it for the treatment of gum infection.
•Take a healthy diet and in your diet include lot’s of calcium, as you already know, calcium is good for the bones and teeth.
There, next time you or anyone suffers from severe gum infection problems, you can always try out the gum infection treatments that are given above. These home remedies are bound to give you quick relief from the pain. But that does not mean that you will not visit the dentist. They will stop the infection from spreading further. Also, do follow a proper dental care. Then you will not face any of these problems.