Guaranteed Acceptance Health Insurance and Pros and Cons

May 11, 2016 Off By Dante Filyaw

When you haven’t had health insurance before or there is a lapse in coverage from one policy to another certain issues arise. If you’ve got any health worries that you’ve gotten care for during the past, the new policy may not be prepared to cover it. Known as pre-existing health concerns, this will become a massive problem for you as getting claims paid for. Guaranteed acceptance health insurance plans could be the answer.

An example, if you have fallen pregnant and have gotten care for it under one health insurance policy then the new one may not cover it. That implies the remainder of your prenatal care appointments and even the delivery expenses would be out of your own pocket. This is a concern that doesn’t sit well with most people.

Since they could not qualify for health insurance benefits for roughly ninety days there had been a lapse in coverage. You can also opt to pay for your prior health insurance while you wait for the new policy to kick in.

There are certain health problems where an individual does need continuous coverage. They include coronary disease and diabetes. There are guaranteed acceptance health insurance programs out there that guarantee they will honor such existing conditions. Typically though they’ve a waiting period that might be up to 12 full months. However, not all plans will have a waiting period.

Someone suffering from a chronic health problem may have little choice but a guaranteed acceptance health insurance program to help with their medical expenses. These types of programs address the difficulties confronting individuals who are uninsurable or under-insured giving them with real solutions.

If the insurance company uncoversfinds out about them at a later time you can be denied all coverage, you will owe them masses of cash for claims and for higher premiums. They can also pursue fraud charges on you as well which may end up in legal difficulties for you.

Make sure you understand all of how any existing condition will be handled before you agree to a guaranteed acceptance health insurance program. This is a standard blunder that folks make and it can be extraordinarily dear to solve.

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