Good Health Habits – Helps to Stay Healthy

Good health isn’t just about feeling good and adding on years to your life. If you consistently evaluate your health and keep up a beneficial lifestyle, you’ll save money at the doctor’s office, on prescription and over-the-counter drugs, and expensive tests and procedures. Besides long term, life threatening diseases like cancer and heart disease, frequent colds and infections can also put a strain on your wallet.

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast eaters are champions of good health. Research shows people who have a morning meal tend to take in more vitamins and minerals, and less fat and cholesterol. The result is often a leaner body, lower cholesterol count, and less chance of overeating.

Exercise Regularly

Research shows that seniors who exercise frequently are more likely to be in good health, maintain good health over time, and recover more quickly when necessary. If that’s not reason enough to maintain a regular exercise schedule, exercise has also been shown to bring higher levels of energy and help with stress relief, and weight bearing exercise can help women avoid osteoporosis by increasing bone density in many cases.

Unhealthy Snacking: Junk food is okay once in a while, but if you’re constantly noshing on greasy hamburgers and milkshakes, you will probably gain weight and may even increase your chances of getting diabetes. Unhealthy snackers may also have dental problems and acne issues.

You need to follow healthy and positive habits. Positive thinking is very essential in order to be healthy. You need to clear out your mind and fill it with positive thoughts. You will have to remove all the depressing and negative emotions and thoughts from your mind and replace it with healthy and positive thoughts. These positive thoughts can be extremely energizing and always lead to good things in life. You can get involved in practices such as meditation and yoga to get rid of the negativity and force yourself with positive thoughts.

Stop tanning: Tanning, especially in a tanning bed, is extremely harmful. CBS News reports that “women who visit tanning salons more than once a month are 55 percent more likely to develop malignant melanoma, and the risk more than doubles for women in their 20s who frequent tanning parlors.” If you’re desperate for some color, grab a bottle of fake tanner, which is better for your skin and more forgiving on your wallet.

Family mealtime is very important. Have mealtimes at regularly scheduled times whenever possible. Children respond well to predictable schedules and tend to snack less or overeat when meals are served regularly. Create a relaxed and unrushed atmosphere, have meals in the same location – the kitchen, dining room, or any room – where there are no distractions, such as a television. This will help the family to focus on the meal and on each other. Make eating a pleasant and fun experience where family can interact with each other, while learning to eat foods that are healthy for them.

Wear sunscreen: A bottle of sunscreen and a bottle of aloe vera gel may be about the same price, but the damage your skin receives from a sunburn far outweighs the aesthetics of a good tan. Decrease your chances of getting skin cancer and blisters by wearing sunscreen whenever you go out.