Getting Back to Basics With Natural Skin Care

Natural ingredients such as herbs, roots, aromatherapy essential oils, flowers and other plants, such as rose hips, sea buckthorn, and lavender oil can be of great value in keeping the skin soft and supple and radiant and healthy. When these ingredients are used in naturally occurring carrier agents such as virgin olive oil, palm oil, virgin coconut oil, and grape seed oil; the integrity of the primary ingredient us preserved and the benefit of the product is greatest.

Many people who use natural skin care products make their own products at home. That way they are assured the purity of the products they make. However, since there has been an increasing demand for natural skin care products, more and more of these products are being made available as a skin cleanser, for treating acne rosacea, as a cellulite treatment, for acne skin care, and to maintain the natural suppleness of the skin. Many spas and salons also use more natural skin care products.

Natural skin care ingredients include rose hips, jojoba, comfrey, shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera, and tea tree oil. Many of these natural ingredients can be combined in ways that will specifically treat individual skin types.

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Comfrey is another natural ingredient that is valuable because of its beneficial effect on all parts of the body. It has been used as a treatment of bruises because of its ability to help repair damaged tissue. It can help reduce soreness and bruising, but should not be used on open cuts or abrasions.

As more people become aware of the natural skin care products and other natural products that are available to the consumer, the more we will be able to care for our bodies as nature intended. We will be healthier; our environment will be healthier.