Fun Exercises for kids that also teach music skills.

You can do these fun exercises with your kids ages 4-early teen. Try to do each clap or movement on the beat.

First of all put on some up tempo music!

Hop on one foot for four beats then hop on the other for four beats, repeat.

Clap for four beats. Bunny hop for eight beats, repeat

Get down on all fours (use your feet, not your knees) and walk around like a dog. Play follow the leader and go around the house or yard.

Stand on your right foot, lift left your left foot, bend your right knee and spring to your left landing on your left foot. Now do the same with opposite feet and repeat four times.

Clap your thighs with your hands for four beats, then clap your hands for four beats, repeat

Do some shadow boxing. left jab, left jab, right hand punch.

Do the old wheel barrow game. Grab your kids feet while they walk on their hands.

If you kids are really little, let the climb up you. Stand with your knees slightly bent, holding your child’s hand. They can use their feet to climb up right into a hug. Hint: if they put their feet above your bent knee, it is easy for them to stand and it wont hurt you.

Play leap-frog.

Dance! Kids are natural dancers.

Make up your own moves and have fun exercising and laughing with you kids. If you want them to exercise you must lead by example.