Food for Building Muscle – Do You Know What To Eat?

When it comes to gaining muscle mass, it’s important to think of total body wellness.  It can’t just be a workout regimen that isn’t supported with the right nutrients.  So, it’s important to research the proper foods for building muscle to support your workout efforts.

Obviously, you’ll need protein to pack on the muscles.  Eggs are considered the perfect protein.  The reason is that eggs have the highest biologic values.  In other words, you need less protein from eggs to get the same effects from other foods to build muscle.  Fewer eggs mean more protein—what could be easier than that?  Another great food for building muscle is almonds.  Almonds are packed with Vitamin E, which prevents free radical damage.  As far as proteins go, you can also add salmon to your diet.  Packed with Omega-3, salmon is a high quality protein.  Of course, beef is an essential part of a bodybuilding diet.  

There are many other foods to integrate into your diet to support your fitness efforts.  Carbohydrates will give you the energy you need and will free up the protein from meats to build muscles.  You should stick to complex carbohydrates such as whole grain, bran, wheat germ, barley, and buckwheat.  Coffee can also be a great food for building muscle.  Studies have shown that drinking coffee before a lifting session can increase your lift time, yielding better results.  It is also believed that coffee can decrease your chances of getting Parkinson’s disease.  

Whatever your long term fitness goals are, if you are interesting in adding muscle mass as an immediate goal you should add foods that build muscle mass to your diet.  With many resources available on the Internet or through a nutritionist or trainer, you should be able to put together an easy to follow meal plan to achieve optimum results.