Enlargement Tips Naturally Quickly

Powerful Ways to Enlarge Penis Quickly – You may be one of the many men who are dissatisfied with their penis size and want to know how to enlarge the penis naturally. Relax, do not be discouraged. Here are some exercise routines that you can do to enlarge the penis naturally.  Visit : http://titangeles.com

  1. Start with Jelq

Jelq is a technique used to stretch the penis and is one of the best techniques to increase penis size naturally. This can be done with or without lubrication.

Start with one hand to make the penis semi-erect. With the fingers that are still circling the penis. Massage the penis up to the end to increase blood flow through all the tissues. Then switch to the other hand and repeat. You can do this exercise about fifteen times for maximum results.

  1. Try the balloon method

Ballooning is a powerful exercise known to lengthen and as a penis enlarger, about one to three inches. This exercise can also extend male ejaculation up to five times during intercourse or masturbation. When you want to ejaculate, stop the process and then massage the entire genital area, so the blood flows easily. If you regularly do this exercise, the penis will start growing more corpora cavernosa – a tissue that feels like a sponge in the penis.

  1. Stretch the penis

When the penis is soft, gently pull the penis. Do not pull too hard because it can cause pain. Hold the stretch for ten to fifteen seconds and release. This exercise can also be repeated about fifteen times a day.

Do the Jelqing technique and stretch every day to increase your penis size naturally. If you prefer the balloon method, you do not have to do it on any occasion of sexual intercourse. However, if you do more often the balloon method, the better the results.

Who by doing it with herbal methods, with regular use – / + 30 days it will be easier to enlarge the penis. This way is very easy to stay just put it, every morning and afternoon. However, the use of herbal methods is not just an instant, because by using herbal methods the results are very satisfying and can be permanent. And if using herbs can increase the quality of sex and can prolong the duration of Sex.

Condoms that should be ‘safety’ during sex can cause an accident if not used properly. As experienced by a woman in India, she suffers from a cough and a fever that does not heal. Despite being given antibiotics and drugs, the condition continues unnoticed. Later found, the cough and mysterious fever were apparently caused by a condom that lodged in his throat for six months. The condom is sucked when she does oral sex, without her even realizing it.