Effective Ways to Prevent Neck Pain

Easy Ways to Prevent a Stiff Neck – Cleveland Clinic

Your neck comprises bones, ligaments, and muscles that support your head and enable movement. Any injury or irritation to these parts can lead to neck pain. Las Vegas neck pain can result from overuse, medical issues, or trauma. It can present as a sharp pain, cause stiffness or numbness, or radiate to your head or arms. In most cases, neck pain resolves within a few days with home remedies or no treatment. The following tips can help prevent some cases of neck pain.

Do neck exercises

Exercise strengthens your neck muscles. A chin tuck exercise is a good strategy to prevent neck pain. This exercise strengthens the muscles that pull your head into alignment over your shoulders. Neck exercises are essential, especially if you do activities that involve your neck, like working on a computer. Ensure you do short strengthening and stretching exercises daily to prevent neck pain.

Stay hydrated

Your neck has several discs, the spongy structures that lie between the vertebrae, which are made up of mostly water. Keeping well hydrated will help nourish the discs, making them pliable and strong. Doctors recommend you take at least eight glasses of water daily. You can use various ways to keep hydrated, like carrying a water bottle and sipping throughout the day or drinking two to three glasses of water after every meal.

Carry weight evenly

Carrying an uneven load can cause neck pain by straining your neck muscles. Carrying a heavy briefcase or parcel on one side of your body is a common mistake people make that can lead to neck pain. You can take only essential things in your purse or briefcase and try to keep your shoulders at the same level when carrying baggage. You can also consider using a backpack instead that distributes weight evenly across your shoulders.

Observe the correct sleeping position

Sleeping on your back is a good position that helps your whole spine rest comfortably. If you have a neck problem, placing a pillow under each arm can help strain off your neck. If you have spinal stenosis or arthritis, adding a foam wedge pillow to your bed or switching to an adjustable bed can help ease neck pain. Ensure your pillow is not too high. The height should prevent your neck from bending unnaturally to either side. Change your sleeping positions until you find one that is comfortable.

Maintain a good posture when using your phone or computer

Improper posture when using your phone or computer can strain your neck muscles, joints, ligaments, and discs leading to neck pain. Ensure your eyes gaze directly at the top third of your computer screen. If you find yourself looking down, raise your monitor. Avoid neck damage from texting by raising your mobile device to your eye level, reducing texting time, and taking frequent breaks if you use your phone for prolonged periods.

Neck pain is a common condition caused by overuse, medical conditions, or injuries. Some neck pain cases can be prevented through proper hydration, correct sleeping and sitting position, and carrying weight evenly. Schedule an appointment at McNulty Spine for neck pain treatment to improve your quality of life. 

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