Easy Health Plan—The Best Health Insurance Plan in India

In India, the penetration level is increasing every year. Since 1996, there has been tremendous change brought about in the country and large numbers of people have become aware of the health insurance, but still it is only 15% of the Indian population, which has to be increased to reduce the number of people paying out-of-pocket expense.

There are large numbers of health insurance companies that have emerged with their respective health insurance products with their aim to offer health coverage to the people of India, but still many people look for the best health insurance in India.

A market survey conducted to know about the best health insurance in India show that Apollo Munich leads the health insurance sector in India by bringing out the products that satisfy maximum of their health needs. They accepted that their Easy Health plan is the complete plan that does not only offers coverage to all their needs but is also affordable.

Apollo Munich’s Easy Health plan has a long list of benefits, which includes domiciliary treatment, pre- and post-hospitalization coverage, day-care procedure and many others. The plan is available in three variants—Standard, Premium and Exclusive, each with different coverage limit, so that it can find place in the budget of people in India. One can choose the plan as per his/her needs and budget, thus making it the best health insurance plan in India. The other important feature of Apollo Munich is that they offer this plan with lifelong renewal feature.

To make the task of buying and renewing easier, Apollo Munich has established links of “Buy Online” and “Online Renewal” so that an individual can buy or renew at his/her convenience. Thus, there is no need of standing in long queues or waiting for agents to get the work done for you.