Easy Cold Weather Packing Tips

November 21, 2019 Off By Dante Filyaw

Imagine this. You are getting ready to go on an incredible winter vacation. Maybe a highly-anticipated ski trip. Or perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime journey for photographing the Northern Lights. Your cold-weather gear is all ready to go; warm scarves, gloves, and coats for keeping you nice and warm. The only problem you have is that your suitcase is too small.

We understand how hard it can be.morris brothers It appears that you never have enough room for all of your bulky winter clothes. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend trying to squish everything down into the bag. However, with a couple of simple hacks, you can stay stylish and warm – without exceeding the luggage limit.

1. Staying Warm with Thermals

They have the reputation of being like your granny’s undergarments, but thermals really don’t deserve this bad image. They are an excellent way to keep warm without needing to pack any bulky clothing. Thermals also allow you to wear lighter tights and tops without freezing to death – which is ideal if you are heading somewhere that has fashionable locals such as Stockholm or cosmopolitan cities in Canada.

2. Bulk Up on Your Plane Ride

If you are going on an icy adventure, then you have to take a big coat and large boots with you. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they need to take up a lot of your valuable luggage space. You can wear your heaviest clothes on the plane. That way, you won’t need to squeeze them in your luggage. (They will also help to protect you against cold airplane air conditioning).

3. Roll Up your Clothes

This proven method can provide you with lots of extra room inside of your bag. Rather than folding your clothes, roll them up before packing them. That will help to minimise empty gaps and reduce creasing as well.

4. Make Sure to Wear Sunscreen

Usually, when you are going on a winter getaway, sun protection isn’t something on the top of your priority list. However, it is essential if you are headed to a snowy destination. Otherwise, you could end up resembling Rudolph. It is especially important if you are planning to go skiing, where spending all day out on the reflective slopes may result in serious sunburn.

5. Layer Up and Pack Light

You may be tempted to reach for your largest items when you are planning your cold-weather wardrobe. However, it is usually smart to bing a lot of lighter items instead. Layering up will allow you to create a cozy and warm feeling and also provide you with more options for mixing and matching your outfits.

6. Limit your Colours

When you are trying to stay stylish during the cold winter weather, the new black is definitely black. When you stick with neutral, dark colours, it will be easier for you to create stylish outfit combinations using less clothing. You can wear one pair of dark jeans with practically everything, and your entire wardrobe can be worn with a black coat.

7. Take your Boots

It isn’t necessary to have lots of heavy shoes that take up valuable luggage space. Unless you are going to be traveling across rough terrain, you just need to have one pair of fashionable boots for everything. If you are head to a more outdoor destination such as Iceland, you should pack a sturdier pair of boots, but there is still a way to save space. Large shoes and boots are a great place for storing underwear and rolled-up socks.

8. Choose the Right Accessories

Frequently accessories are left behind when packing for vacations. However, they can make a significant difference. Consider gloves with wood linings that have special touchscreen tips that allow you to access your GetYourGuide app without your fingers freezing. Colourful scarves and statement jewellery are a great way to make an outfit look different each time. Driving gloves, men, might be a good thing to pack too.

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