Drinking Water and Exercise

With all of the energy drinks on the market, it is very tempting to take one along when you workout. Just cool, clear water, though, is by far the better choice. When you exercise it is of extreme importance that you stay hydrated. In fact, it is important to be hydrated before you begin exercise. There are many negative side effects to dehydration, and you can not maintain a healthy lifestyle while dehydrated!

Many people worry that drinking water before exercise will cause you to have to break your routine by having to stop in the middle of their workout to go to the bathroom. A good way to avoid that inconvenience is to drink 16 ounces of water at least an hour before you workout and then to take some water along to stay hydrated during your workout. As you exercise, even during cold weather, you lose water mainly through sweating.

After your workout, it is important to keep your muscles hydrated. Water helps your muscles recover after a workout. For low to moderate intensity exercise lasting for 45 minutes to an hour, water is the best choice because it is easily absorbed by the body, it is readily available and cheap or free and it does not have any sugar, unnecessary ingredients or calories.

It is important to remain hydrated, however, you should also be careful not to over-hydrate. Symptoms of water toxox include dizziness, nausea and confusion. Water toxoxication is rare, but certainly something to be aware of.

Drinking eight to ten cups of water each and every day is an important part of a nutritious diet and fitness program. It provides numerous health benefits, such as keeping your organs functioning properly, maintaining a "full" feeling in your stomach, and also keeping your skin hydrated from the inside.