Dr. Susan Moore Dies of Covid-19 After Complaining of Racism at Indiana Hospital

Dr. Moore with her 19-year-old son, Henry Muhammed.Credit…Henry Muhammed But even as things seemed to

Credit…Henry Muhammed

But even as things seemed to be improving at the hospital, Dr. Moore still felt that the care was lacking and that the medical staff became less responsive, according to Mr. Muhammed, who spoke to her daily. While she did not really feel like she was well enough to be discharged, she was eager to get home to take care of her parents, he said.

When she was battling Covid-19 in the hospital, she took time to order him new slippers because his had broken, Mr. Muhammed said. In his last conversation with her, she told him she was going to help him go to college.

“Even to the bitter end she was thinking of other people,” Mr. Muhammed said.

The hospital released her on Dec. 7, he said, and she was sluggish and tired when she got home. The hospital called several times to check up on her, he said, and when she did not respond, it sent an ambulance. His mother could barely walk and was breathing heavily when the ambulance arrived. She was taken to a different hospital 12 hours after being discharged from the previous one, she said on Facebook.

“Spiked a temperature of 103 and my blood pressure plummeted to 80/60 with a heart rate of 132,” she wrote.

Dr. Moore described her care at the new hospital as compassionate, and said she was being treated for a bacterial pneumonia in addition to Covid-19 pneumonia. Her condition would quickly deteriorate, however. The last time Mr. Muhammed spoke to her, just before she was put on a ventilator, she was coughing so badly she could barely speak, he said.

Doctors intubated her on Dec. 10, Mr. Muhammed said. The medical staff set up a Zoom call in her room, and more than a dozen relatives spoke to her, hoping she could hear them even though she appeared unconscious, he said.