Dr. Edward Picardi and the Importance of Great Patient Care


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Excellent patient care is essential for ensuring positive health outcomes and fostering trust between patients and their healthcare providers. As a general surgeon, there are several ways in which improved, quality patient care can positively impact a medical practice.

Dr. Edward Picardi has witnessed the impact of great patient care up close over the years. The general surgeon, who is now working at Trinity Health in Steubenville, Ohio, understands that every person has slightly different needs. Being able to tailor an experience for each patient takes experience and understanding. When done correctly, it greatly impacts the patient.

What Does it Mean to Offer Quality Patient Care?

Quality patient care means being very focused on keeping the patient in mind at all times. Medical professionals only focusing on the procedure won’t be able to balance how patients react.

Keep Open Communication

Maintaining open lines of communication with patients is crucial for ensuring that they understand their condition, treatment options, and expected outcomes. Surgeons should be sure to explain things in a way that is easy for them to understand and take the time to answer any questions they may have.

The average patient isn’t going to know all that much about a medical procedure. Some will have plenty of questions to ask so they feel much more at ease. Others might not want to talk much at all, as their level of anxiety is wanting them to focus on getting everything better. It’s up to anyone in the medical field to read how patients react and go from there.

Show Empathy 

Showing empathy and understanding towards patients can go a long way in building trust and fostering positive relationships. Make an effort to understand the unique needs and concerns of each patient seen.

Surgery is a big deal for the vast majority of people. Unless it’s something routine and common, they’ve likely been thinking about this particular surgery for a long time. Different types of empathy can be shown, and the best surgeons will be able to adjust based on a patient.

Follow-Up Care

Following up with patients after their procedure is essential for ensuring that their recovery is progressing as expected and for identifying any complications early on. This can help improve patient outcomes and prevent future health problems.

Surgery is a huge step, but it’s not a finish line in most cases. Follow-up care is just as important so that everything can recover as it should. If a surgeon doesn’t offer quality follow-up care, patients might be less likely to follow recovery instructions. When that happens, there might be a need to go through with another surgery later on to fix the complications leftover from the first one.

Continual Learning

Keeping up-to-date on the latest advances in a specific field is crucial for providing the best possible care to patients. Continual learning will help equip surgeons with the best treatments and procedures to offer patients.

The medical field has changed quite a bit since Dr. Edward Picardi first started. In order to stay sharp and provide the best service possible, he’s had to evolve with the times. Advances in the medical world help improve the quality of care provided by medical staff to patients.

How Can Surgeons Improve the Quality of Patient Care?

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Overall, there are a lot of ways to go about improving patient care. A great first step is being open and honest with patients and listening to what others say. If the constant feedback is that there needs to be more empathy shown towards patients, try actively making a conscious effort to do so.

Slowing down when talking to patients can also be a big improvement. When surgeons talk too fast, they can overwhelm patients and make people feel even more anxious than usual. They don’t need to be talked to like they are a child, but using simplified terms and not feeling like everything is rushed helps a lot.

It’s also worth talking to other medical professionals who are known for receiving positive feedback. This usually builds a reputation for giving great patient care. There are a lot of resources online to do this passively, but talking to someone in person will also help. They can provide some tips just by observing them inside and outside the office.

Changes don’t have to be drastic, but it never hurts to evolve as far as care is concerned. Like any profession, it’s good to keep up with the times and give patients what they need. 

Generally speaking, empathy goes a long way in today’s world compared to the past. Patients don’t want to feel like they are treated as just another person stepping into the office. They want to feel special and cared for during their procedure.

How Dr. Edward J.S. Picardi Made Quality Patient Care a Priority

It became apparent early on to Dr. Edward Picardi that quality patient care would go a long way toward building a career as a general surgeon. Like anyone fresh out of medical school, it took time to build up the qualities needed to excel in the patient relations department. However, now it’s one of his top qualities.

Dr. Edward Picardi has worked in South Dakota, Iowa and is now currently working at Trinity Health in Steubenville, Ohio. Dr. Edward Picardi has been able to help many who were going through some tough challenges, and they needed special quality care to get through it all.

Dr. Edward Picardi is also known for volunteering his services on medical missionary trips. Having a Christian background, Dr. Picardi desires to help those struggling as best he can.

Dr. Edward Picardi continues to receive quality reviews for his attention to detail and his focus on great patient care every step of the way.

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