Does Lemon Juice Detox The Liver

The liver is a vital organ that cannot be replaced by any form of technological equipment. The many roles that our liver plays in our body include hormone production, glycogen storage, metabolism and most importantly, detoxification. Many people who attempt detoxification often wonder, does lemon juice detox the liver?

The lemon detox diet plan is a well known plan that is designed to cleanse your liver. Apart from health enthusiasts, many women take up the lemon detox diet plan to assist them with losing weight.

A lemon detox diet plan is simple and convenient. The beverage consists of madal bal tree syrup, water, sea salt, cayenne pepper and lastly lemons. The madal bal tree syrup is a syrup that contains 5 different tree saps. This syrup is chemical and preservative free.

Does lemon juice detox the liver?

Lemon juice is capable of helping our stomach digest the nutrients that our body receives throughout the day. Also, lemon juice acts as an antioxidant. As part of the citrus family, lemon juice contains high amounts of vitamin C. So, how does lemon juice help with detoxification of the liver?

Lemon juice acts as a filtration system in your body.

Lemon juice prevents indigestible nutrients from entering your blood flow. This allows your liver to take a break from its filtration function.

High amounts of vitamin C which is an antioxidant.

Lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C, which works as an antioxidant. The vitamins C present in lemons are capable of removing free radicals that are produced by your liver when it filters your bloodstream. Antioxidants are capable of neutralizing free radicals.

Increase Bile flow

The aim of a liver detox is to remove toxins from your liver. This can be done by increasing bile flow. Bile is a fluid that is produced by your liver. The function of bile is to produce digestive juice and to eliminate certain substances from your body by carrying them out of your body as faeces. Lemon juice increases the production of bile by your liver.

After reading the following benefits that lemon juice can do for your liver, you should know whether or not does lemon juice detox the liver. Do not depend solely on this beverage for liver detox. Increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your liver healthy!