You would like to prepare your body for pregnancy. You take your daily dose of chromium and prenatal vitamins, exercise, sleep well, and chart your cycle so that you are sure to know when you are most likely to conceive. You’ve done just about anything your friends, magazines, mother or mother-in-law have to advised on this subject. Yet, you find it difficult to conceive.

Now, have you considered an alternative healing method: body detox? Detox is simply the process of eliminating toxins from your body. An overaccumulation of toxins occur with an unhealthy diet, unclean water or in a polluted environment. When this is an excess of toxins, the functions of your body organs slow down and do not perform optimally.

In fact, it is believed among fertility specialists that difficulty to conceive results from a body imbalance. Imbalance can happen emotionally or due to excess stress, hormones or an excess of acidity. When you detoxify your body, you stop feeding it large amounts of sugar that affect your hormones and that throw your acid/alkaline levels out of whack. These sugars come from the processed foods in your diet. Without the process of digestion to focus on, your stressed body can focus on cleaning out toxins. Once your body is sufficiently cleansed, your body is well prepared to “house” a foetus.

It is not just diet alone or fasting or special teas that will aid you in detoxifying your body. Just eliminating highly processed foods full of additives and sugar is a start. More fruits and vegetables will help in a gentle cleansing program. Healthy bowel movements to eliminate waste from the body every day is an absolute must!

Exercise plays an important part in cleansing our body. Lack of exercise allows toxins to accumulate in our bodies, thus affecting balance necessary for smooth functioning of all organ parts. Benefits of exercise for the purpose of detox include speeding up the removal of toxins and waste materials from the cells, increased blood flow that carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells, lowered blood pressure and increased lymph circulation. Exercise stimulates the development and maintenance of bone tissue, muscle mass, strength and endurance – all necessary for smooth labour and delivery later on. Just as physical toxins need to be cleansed, toxins that affect the mind and spirit must also be dealt with. Stress can create havoc to an otherwise healthy body. Stress can have a vast impact on the ability to conceive. To deal with stress, seek out meditation, deep breathing, healthy relationships and situations that boost your self-esteem. Alternative therapies that you can try are energy balancing and EFT.