A detox diet is generally a way for person to neutralize or eliminate toxins from their bodies using foods which are able to do this. Certainly anyone carrying out a detox diet will need to alter their eating habits in order to achieve success. There are many kinds of diets around today which people are using in order to remove toxins from their bodies and these include the following:

1. Fasting – Often such a detox diet will be made up of either a juice or water fast. With this diet you will only be required to drink either water or juice to remove unwanted toxins from the body for a limited period (normally a few days).

2. Herbal Detox – This is where you will include specific herbs and herbal drinks into your dietary regime as they will help to eliminate toxins from the body.

3. Master Cleanse – This is also known as the lemonade diet. With this diet you are required to drink only a specially formulated lemonade drink for between 10 to 40 days along with purified or spring water and some herbal teas. Whilst on this diet you will not be able to consume any foods.

However the above detox diets are the more extreme ways of removing toxins from the body and generally most people doing a detox diet will ensure that they consume foods (especially organic ones) which can provide their bodies with the essential vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants that a body needs in order for it to remove toxins. Certainly in most cases many people will drink lots of water and eat foods high in fiber as part of their detox diet as these are particularly good for helping to draw out and eliminate toxins from the body. They do this by increasing the frequency of a person’s bowel movements.

Certainly many people have found that after doing a detox diet that their health has improved, they have more energy, and the body is better able to fight diseases. Also, many find that their digestive system has improved and they even loss some weight as well.

However, it is important that before your start any time of detox diet you consult your doctor first in order to ensure that any underlying medical condition you have will not be affected by doing a detox diet.