What can we get from detox diet?

Having a healthy diet is one's way to live longer and better. Detox diet helps provide lifetime health and wellness. As our body is exposed to all kinds of toxins and harmful pollutants in the form of chemicals and pesticides, it needs detoxification regularly, if our bodies are not cleansed, toxins will continue to build up and may lead to illness such as diabetes, weight gain , heart problems, skin problem, cancer, aches and pains, lower immunity and other diseases. Regular detoxification of the body from all those toxins can give your body a better health condition.

Detox is:

Our body, in its own system, eliminates waste toxins in the form of sweat, fasces and urine. However processed foods and pollutants from the environment create toxic matter in the body, which continuously builds up over the years. A detox diet can help in cleaning the digestive system from all toxins. Regular cleansing of the digestive system improves stamina, energy, memory, weight loss and prevents diseases.

Detox diet can:

The main goal of a detox diet is to remove processed foods, meat, fish, alcohol, cigarette, tea & coffee from your everyday diet. It promotes more consumption of natural foods like fruits, vegetables and plenty of water to eliminate the build up of toxins from the body. Fasting can also help the body relax and rest. It rests the internal organs such as the liver, colon and stomach. It also prepares the body in taking in other foods after having a detox diet.

A detox diet should contain low fat milk, yogurt, fruits like apple, orange, peach, grapes, lemon, tomato and foods like broccoli beets, cauliflower, beans, legumes, rice, barley, wheat, nuts, seeds, and green vegetables. The diet gives the body up to 750 calories a day. It is also important to drink up to 2 litters of water everyday to keep the body hydrated. Water can also help in cleaning the body from toxins. Keeping off from meat, processed meat and stimulants helps in keeping the body energize and lighter.

Detoxification of the body on a regular basis accompanied by a healthy detox diet keeps one off from having ailments and diseases and provides good health. It makes eating a pleasure while avoiding buildup of toxin in the body.