Curtin: How natural vitamins, health supplements may possibly help defend from negative COVID-19 results

By Danny Curtin

As we carry on to confront the difficulties of COVID-19, we are also discovering more about the virus alone, and new techniques to protect ourselves from its harmful and often lingering side consequences.

New analysis indicates that health supplements can perform a position in guarding ourselves from lousy COVID-19 results — specially vitamins K, D and C as properly as zinc.

Whilst humans can receive some of these micronutrients from meals and the sunlight, these techniques are not often ample to offer the whole amount that the entire body requires.

Modern experiments advise that supplementing our bodies with these vital natural vitamins and minerals could help in the fight towards COVID-19.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is regarded for its purpose in cardiovascular health, but scientists have located it may well also be valuable for treating COVID-19. A new analyze done by a group from Bispebjerg Clinic in Denmark has revealed that these hospitalized with COVID-19 have low vitamin K ranges, and that vitamin K deficiency is just one variable that may possibly forecast a larger mortality amount in people.

Also, a major problem with COVID-19 individuals is respiratory failure, but yet another famous final result is thrombosis, or the development of blood clots. A review by scientists at the Canisius Wilhelmina Healthcare facility in the Netherlands showed that the best possible ranges of vitamin K participate in a critical role in the deterrence of blood clots and lung health. These studies counsel that expanding vitamin K consumption could likely enable individuals fare better when battling COVID-19.

Vitamin D

Regarded primarily for its capacity to enable improve bones, vitamin D could also play a vital purpose in strengthening the body’s defenses versus COVID-19. An open letter signed by far more than 100 science, health and medical gurus claims that vitamin D intake may possibly lower COVID-19 bacterial infections, hospitalizations and mortalities.

These authorities demonstrate that obtaining a deficiency in vitamin D might be associated with a diminished immune response. As a result, boosting vitamin D concentrations, especially in at-danger groups, might cut down COVID-19-associated deaths.

Vitamin C

By now broadly regarded for its immune technique-boosting talents and generally made use of through flu and chilly period, it is no surprise that vitamin C could engage in a portion in COVID-19 treatment.

In the latest scientific studies published by Vitamins and minerals, a scientific journal, scientists declare that vitamin C may perhaps enable decrease the severity of COVID-19 signs and symptoms, as properly as likely aid with supporting resistance to pneumonia, which is a typical outcome of COVID-19.

Many hospitalized clients are low in vitamin C, so growing the consumption of this antioxidant could be helpful.


Zinc is a micronutrient also regarded for its job in immune health. Latest scientific tests published in the Global Journal of Infectious Illnesses have revealed that zinc deficiency can maximize severity of COVID-19 circumstances and prolonged hospitalizations.

In an additional examine revealed by the Journal of Medical Microbiology, applying zinc as an incorporate-on remedy was found to cut down mortality and improve outcomes for delicate and reasonable COVID-19 conditions. On the other hand, a health practitioner ought to be consulted about right dosage, as way too much zinc can have adverse effects.

More studies are currently being executed consistently, but this promising study suggests supplementing with nutritional vitamins K, D and C as well as zinc could aid strengthen general immune purpose and secure against more intense COVID-19 outcomes.

As generally, session with a health practitioner prior to building significant health choices and introducing new dietary supplements is really proposed.

Editor’s Be aware: Danny Curtin is the government vice president of Arthur Andrew Medical. Prior to joining Arthur Andrew Medical, Mr. Curtin was a particular trainer and expert in nutrition, supplementation, sleep, and meditation. He now life in Scottsdale.