Cosmetic and General Dentistry Services You Should be Aware of

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Some dental concerns might affect your appearance and increase your chances of developing other dental problems. In this case, you might require cosmetic or general dental procedures to help treat the concerns, thus improving your overall appearance. These procedures offer oral health benefits, among many others. Therefore, if you have a dental problem, consult Dr. Maham Siddiqui on the available dentistry services that can help deal with all your dental concerns. In most cases, general dentistry focuses on treating dental problems, while cosmetic dentistry aims at improving your physical appearance. Below are a few examples of cosmetic and general dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry

Teeth whitening

Consuming certain foods and drinks can color your teeth, thus affecting the quality of your smile. In this case, teeth whitening is needed to help clean stains or any discoloration on your teeth. It is an example of a cosmetic dentistry procedure that helps improve your physical appearance and boost your self-esteem and confidence to smile and socialize with new individuals.


Veneers refer to prosthetic shells placed over your natural teeth giving them a bright glow and a new look that you have always desired. They are usually made of a plastic material cemented onto your natural teeth. Most people prefer having veneers because it is less time-consuming.

Braces and aligners

Generally, aligners and braces are devices placed over your teeth to help align them, thus preventing certain dental problems. Usually, braces are brackets that are placed on each tooth to help straighten them with time. On the other hand, orthodontic aligners are composed of a plastic material that straightens your teeth over time.

General Dentistry

Dental hygiene

During your dental visit, your dentist focuses on your oral hygiene. Usually, they begin by polishing and scaling tartar that might have accumulated on your teeth. Later, they polish the teeth to remove any stains left after drinking or eating. Therefore, it is essential to visit your dentist to promote your dental hygiene, thus maintaining the health of your gums and mouth.

Root canal treatment

When your root canal is infected, you begin experiencing a lot of pain because nerves in the pulp cavity are affected. Therefore, chewing food becomes difficult because you experience a lot of pain. In this case, root canal treatment is recommended to help deal with the infection that is infecting the canal system of your tooth.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are usually fitted over your existing teeth to help restore their appearance and prevent tooth loss. They are also used to strengthen your teeth by supporting the tooth structure below, thus preserving the function of your teeth.

You can schedule your appointment at SDA dental today and enquire more about cosmetic or general dentistry services available to help deal with your concerns. The care providers begin with performing an oral exam to help determine the type of dental concern you have, which is essential in determining which dental procedure is right for you. If you are already aware of your dental problem, you can call their offices or visit their website to learn more about cosmetic and general dentistry.

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