Complications of Having Thyroid Problems urdu In Women

Thyroid problems in women depends on the age but for the benefit of everyone, they are addressed generally. Thyroid problems in women often cause symptoms that include heart disease, risk of miscarriage, and premature delivery during pregnancy, joint pain and weight gain .

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Obesity and joint pain are presented in women over age fifty . Heart disease indication together with infertility may come along on the child-bearing age of women.

An increase in blood pressure for the first three months (Pre-eclampsia) could result to improper development of the fetus because of the thyroid problems .

Gaining weight during pregnancy may not always be related to the fact that you are pregnant, but because of the increased blood pressure, it may also cause you to gain extra weight .

Thyroid problems in women causes irregularities in menstruation. From the definition Hyperthyroidism have shorter, lighter or infrequent menstruation while Hypothyroidism have heavier, more frequent and painful periods .

Women with Hypothyroidism show signs of Lethargy or Fatigue and tiredness despite the adequate hours of sleep . Thyroid problems in women with Hypothyroidism causes their body temperature to decrease and cold when others are not .

Women generally have sedentary lifestyle that does not allow enough room for the digestion of the foods they eat . Thyroid problems in women causes weight gain rapidly along with the lethargy and low energy .

Grave’s disease result from Hyperthyroidism once detected from thyroid problems in women. Severe neck enlargement and bulging-large eyes or Exopthalmos are conditions that Grave’s Disease brings .

The effect of grave’s disease in thyroid problems in women causes exhaustion and unable to function well on daily basis .

If Grave’s disease continues without detection, it would result to heart attack and other complications .

Thyroid problems in women may also occur after giving birth . The term Post-Partum Thyroiditis is applied with the presence of inflammation of the thyroid that occurs in the first year after childbirth, miscarriage, or induced abortion .

There are many complications more than the woman’s body can afford the thyroid problems in women brings . With an illness like this, it is best to refer with the Physician’s care plan once it is diagnosed.