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Keep a Stress Management Arsenal Handy
It only makes sense to have a set of different strategies for coping with stress. Rather than
hoping stress will dissipate, turn to strategies that keep you on the offense, facing it head
on. Experiment with these different approaches and make them part of your personnewsletter article ideas and tipsal
plan: (1) Avoid it. Simply put, avoid stress by choosing (or not choosing) certain
behaviors to steer clear of it. Working on your tax returns early instead of on April 14 is a
good example. (2) Change the view. Physically alter your environment—go outside,
switch rooms, take a drive. (3) Change “the filter.” The filter is how you decide to view a
stressful incident. Got a flat tire? Make it a positive opportunity to show your teenager
how to change it. (4) Choose a different tool. Instead of heading for the refrigerator to
manage stress, try a walk, breathing exercises, a hot bath, or even a cup of chamomile tea
and calm music. (5) Use countermeasures. Get more sleep, improve your diet, exercise,
or meditate. Countermeasures help you fight fire with fire by improving your stamina or
ability to cope with stress.

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