A defined chest and an increase in chest muscle is a major fitness goal for a number of people, but what are the best chest muscle exercises?

The chest is a major muscle and the centerpiece of a great physique as it is the most aesthetic muscle on your body.

Chest Muscle Exercises are the key to building up all of the different areas of your chest which will lead to a bigger, stronger, wider chest.

Your chest includes some of the largest muscle groups in the upper body. Large muscles can handle more weight, which is important to remember when you are doing your chest muscle exercises.

When doing chest muscle exercises, your shoulders and arms are also involved allowing you to burn even more calories. A chest workout also serves as a great warm up for those smaller muscle groups.

Chest Press
The chest press is a great chest muscle exercise because it works all of the major muscles of the chest while also working shoulders and triceps.

To perform a basic chest press begin lying on your back on the bench press bench with your feet flat on the floor and spread shoulder width apart, grab the bar a bit less than shoulder width.  Straightening your arm, lift the barbell and position it so that the bar is at arms length over your lower chest.

Lower the bar down and touch your chest, keeping your upper arms close to your torso and then push the bar back up into starting position without allowing it to bounce off of your chest.

This exercise will add mass and definition to your chest, and is one of the best chest muscle exercises.

Remember to have some there to spot you whenever working out on the bench press.

Push Ups
Pushups are a great chest muscle exercise because they work almost every muscle in the body but an emphasis the chest and arms.

The basic pushup is simply and yet incredibly efficient.   Placing your hands shoulder-width apart, bend your arms and lower yourself down as far as you can. Straighten arms and push up but remember to avoid locking your elbows.

When your muscles grow more accustomed to the movement and you become used to lifting your body weight you can increase the weight by adding weights either around your waist or on your back.

Changing the width of your arms, from shoulder width to very wide, to forming a diamond with your hands in order to gain the greatest effect from the push ups.

Chest Flies
Chest flies are a great chest muscle exercise because it works the major muscles of the chest with a focus on the outer portion of the chest.

To perform chest flies lie on an incline bench holding one dumbbell in each of your hands with your palms facing towards each other just above your abdomen.  Arch your elbows out and away from your body while raising your arms up towards shoulders.  Pause for a moment before moving your hands slowly back down to your starting position.

When performing chest flies it is important to perform the movement in a slow and controlled motion.

These are just a few chest muscle exercises, but they are also the most effective chest muscle exercises when it comes to properly training and adding both mass and definition to your chest muscles.