Cheap Health Insurance – Get the Right Policy and Do not Overpay

Cheap health insurance is obtainable. Good health insurance is also obtainable.

The key is to get the right policy and most important do not overpay.

Up front realize that I hate to pay for insurance of any kind. It is one of my biggest monthly expenses. When I do purchase health insurance I make sure I pay as little as possible.

The very best cheap health insurance is to stay healthy. It is not all that difficult to get regular exercise and to eat properly. The more attention you pay to these areas the less you will have to pay for insurance. You will feel better physically and feel better mentally because you know you are taking care of the only body you have.

If you take those two steps you will not be needing the same type of insurance that a person who does not exercise and eat right.

It is common sense, if you know you are taking care of yourself, you can get by with catastrophic insurance. These are high deductible, you pay for all doctor visits and drugs (hopefully you do not need any), these policies have the cheapest premiums. Your healthy lifestyle gives you the best cheap health insurance.

By catastrophic we mean an unexpected illness or injury. If you are diagnosed with a serious disease you will not be wiped out financially.

Having no insurance at all when you could afford a catastrophic policy is just too risky. It is easy to find out how little they cost.

So how do you get the right policy and pay the least money?

Simple … you go online and provide your zip code, gender, smoke or not, and whether or not you are a student. That is it. The thing I like is no phone number is required … in less than a minute you will have a 100 plus quotes, with premium costs. Now that is comparison shopping.

If you zero in on a certain cheap policy you can find out instantly if your current doctor will take this policy. Then and only then do you fill out an application … the other way you give your life story to a salesman who then may come back with an expensive premium. Do not waste your time.

Interested? It is free, no obligation. Cheap health insurance is easily obtainable.