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Mephedrone plant food

Online specialized stores entice prospective customers with discounted prices for Mephedrone plant feed, making sure that they present all the necessary information. You too can buy Mephedrone plant feed powder, taking advantage of the rapid delivery system and the high-quality products offered over the Internet. From the start, you should know that this plant feed is actually represented by 4 methymethcathinone, a crystallized powder that is recommended to stimulate the growth of different plants.

To anyone who is passionate about gardening or growing various plants, a substance such as mephedrone UK is definitely useful to have around the house. Mephedrone for sale is available online at the most affordable prices, so you won’t have any problems when it comes to making such purchases. Mephadrone is quite useful for the stimulation of plants, representing a special sort of plant food that actually helps them grow. Developed by botanists and researchers in the chemical field, methedrone has been used by a lot of people with success. However, you should be informed from the start that this is a substance intended for plant growth and not for human consumption.

Whether this is the first time you have considered buying Methadrone plant feed or you are a long-time user, it is important to know that this substance is recommended by people with experience in the field of botany. 4-mmc is best presented as a premium plant feed, helping plants have stronger and greener leaves, making them healthier, their color being much brighter. What are the actual benefits of using Mephedrone plant food? Well, most of them have already been mentioned. We would also like to say that this product has a high concentration, being comprised solely out of active ingredients. It is recommended that Mephedrone is mixed with water before being poured onto the plants.

Online, you can choose between different package sizes, starting with the smallest of 1g and ending with the biggest of 250g. The choice depends on how many plants you have and, of course, on how often you plan on applying Mephedrone to them. 1g is enough to cover two to size adult plants, so you decide how much Mephedrone you actually need to purchase. The one situation where Mephadrone is not recommended to be used is where young plants germination is involved. Otherwise, this substance can be used on a wide range of plants, bonsais included.

Do not spray or pour Mephedrone plant food on the herbs you will be using in the kitchen, for the making of food. While it has great effects when it comes to plant growth, this is a chemical substance that can have negative consequences if consumed by humans. As for the best moment when to apply Methedrone to the plants, it is recommended that the substance is applied when the plants are growing. Buy Mephedrone today and convince yourself of its great benefits!…

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10 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss and Wellness

Contrary to popular belief, snacking is actually very beneficial. It helps to refuel your body, maintain blood sugar and energy levels and control your appetite.

Healthy snacking will help your body get the nutrients it needs and help you avoid overeating at meal times.

Indulge in these guilt-free snacks. Remember we encourage an anti-inflammatory, low-glycemic, paleo-style diet for weight loss and wellness. A body must get healthy before it can lose weight.

1. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait.Organic plain yogurt is best. Yogurts with added flavors are higher in sugar. Instead, flavor your yogurt with fruit. Blueberries are an excellent choice as they have a lower glycemic content that will help balance blood glucose and insulin levels.

2. Romaine Lettuce Wrap With Organic Turkey and a Slice of Raw-Milk or Skim Mozzarella Cheese.

Romaine lettuce contains the highest nutritional and fiber content of all lettuce. Turkey is 94% protein which helps you to lose weight by boosting your metabolism and decreasing hunger. Adding raw milk grass-fed cheese not only adds flavor but also adds calcium without any harmful hormones or preservatives. A great source for grass-fed wild meat, game and poultry is at U.S. Wellness Meats.

3. Veggie Sticks With Cottage Cheese Dip. Non-starchy vegetables contain almost eight times the amount of fiber found in whole grains. Fiber is essential for a healthy digestive system. Fat-free organic cottage cheese makes an excellent low calorie snack.

4. Shrimp Cocktail Shrimp is 90% protein. Try dipping it in some cocktail sauce for a low calorie, high protein snack.

5. A Handful of Nuts. Walnuts are the best choice as they’re rich in protein and fiber but they also contain a high dose of omega 3 fatty acids (good fats) as compared to other nuts. Healthy fats help lower your risk of disease. Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory, meaning they help prevent inflammatory diseases such as stroke or heart disease. People who are overweight are actually suffering from an inflammatory condition.

6. Celery Sticks and Almond Butter. This is a great combination of protein, monounsaturated fat and energy. Almond butter is a healthier alternative to peanut butter as it contains no added ingredients or preservatives and better fats. (peanuts are a legume not a nut)

7. Deviled Eggs. Eggs are very high in protein which makes them a great snack. My Guacamole Deviled Eggs are a great high-protein healthy snack with good fats.

8. Herring Wraps. Buy a few tinned containers in a few different flavored sauces such as tomato or tangy mustard, herring fillets are high in omega 3 fish oils. Don’t but if they are in soybean oil. Try wrapping them in a few leaves of romaine lettuce.

9. Banana Nut Pop. Dip a banana in plain organic yogurt and roll in walnuts or coconut. Freeze. Yummy!

Bananas are a great source of fiber and potassium. They do have a high sugar content so eat in moderation. Coconuts have anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and are one of the best sources in the world for MCFA (medium-chain triglyceride fatty acids)

10. Lemon Tuna Avocado Snack. Halve an avocado and scoop out the flesh. Mix with lemon juice and tuna. Serve in the shells. Good protein, good fat.

Avocado’s are high in monounsaturated fat and potassium. Tuna is a great source of protein, omega-3 fatty acid and is very nutrient-dense. Protein builds muscle which in turn burns more calories to help you lose weight.

And here’s your BONUS snack idea….

***Smoked salmon.

Don’t get salmon that’s been smothered in brown sugar. Salmon is one of the best sources of protein and healthy fats on earth. Always try to buy wild-caught and not farmed raised (fed grains).…

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Healthy Food – Eating For Life – 6 Simple Rules

Finding healthy food, eating it, and living a long life because of doing so isn’t science fiction. It is, however, science. Everyone tries to give you advice on how to eat right, but the simple fact is that almost no-one understands what happens inside your body when you buy healthy food and eat it. Detail on the subject is available for the people who have to know. Those of you who want the simple rules with no fluff or details, read on.

1) Eat whole foods. People say “whole foods” all the time, but no one stops to think what that means about healthy food. Eating foods that weren’t grown in a lab and haven’t been taken apart and put back together, that’s what it means. So no dehydrated-rehydrated potatoes, no homogenized milk, no flour, no sugar, and absolutely no corn syrup, high-fructose or otherwise.

2) Eat foods in as close to their natural state as possible. This sounds a lot like “eat whole foods”, but it’s a supplemental rule. Not only should your foods be whole, but they should be fresh, and cooked as little as possible. For millions of years, humans ate what they hunted and gathered without the benefit of stoves and ovens, much less food processors and blenders. Evolution hasn’t had a chance to ‘catch up’ to modern appliances: we still digest food in the same way our ancestors did. This is not to say “don’t chop your red peppers” or “don’t eat cheese because it’s not raw milk”. These are still healthy foods; eating them is just fine. Just eat your veggies barely-steamed or your meat almost-too-raw. Your body will get so much more out of them, you’ll feel the difference.

3) Don’t eat anything you can’t buy. That is to say, if you can’t buy a bag of pure sodium erythorbate or a dollop of hydroxypropylmethelcellulose, you shouldn’t eat anything that has those ingredients in them. It’s not healthy. Food eating should fill you with ingredients that are created by nature, not by a lab.

4) There are only 2 food groups: things that move, and things that grow. In other words, if it’s not obviously a plant or obviously an animal, don’t eat it. You should try to eat about equal amounts of each of the two food groups, and each has one additional rule to pay attention to:

5) Of the “things that move” food group, you should strive to get about equal amounts of fat and protein. This goes directly against the ‘fat-is-bad’ propaganda of the day, but it’s demonstrably true.

6) Of the “things that grow” group, you should deliberately eat as many different colors of plant as possible every day. Veggie colors form because of different substances in the plant; each substance represents a group of nutrients. Your body gets nutrients from meat, but not as much as you get from fresh fruits and veggies, so it’s important to get a variety – you don’t want to overload on some nutrients and leave others off, that’s not healthy food eating.

These rules read easy, but they’re tough to follow. It helps so much to understand food in a way that makes your body love you. Many factors, from societal to chemical, conspire to keep you eating a high-carbohydrate, highly-processed American diet – but that leads to the American midlife plagued with diabetes, heart troubles, infertility and impotence, and even cancer. Healthy food eating can keep you alive and feeling great.…

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Cure Sinus Infection at Home Naturally With These Remedies

A sinus infection can make you miserable and the end result to get rid of it is usually is by a round of antibiotics and decongestants. Nevertheless, what if you can cure sinus infection at home naturally with some things already in your kitchen cabinet? You not only can save money on a doctor’s visit and prescription, but you can also keep your body from building resistance to live-saving antibiotics.

Essential oils have been used for centuries to treat everything from headaches to ant bites, so it stands to reason that they are also a way to cure sinus infection at home naturally. Oregano oil is a popular essential oil used to care for sinus problems as it has some great anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Just put a few drops of oregano oil in some water or juice several times in a day and less than a few days, your sinus infection symptoms typically go away.

To help the break up of sinus congestion which often leads to sinus infection, mix a drop or two of peppermint essential oil with some olive oil and massage into the aching sinus areas like the area above the eyes and around the nose. Very soon your nose will start running which allows you to blow your nose and drive out that potential infection-causing mucus. Adding eucalyptus into your humidifier every night is another way to cure sinus infection at home naturally.

Using salt water rinses of your sinuses daily is a way to prevent sinus infections altogether. Of course, it takes some practice doing it manually so you might want to consider of getting Neti pot which is perfectly shaped to tip into a nostril. This special pot has a well inside specially made in which you can mix your warm water and salt.

Apple cider vinegar is also another pantry item that can cure sinus infection. Usually, a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar a day are enough to put off most colds, flu and sinus problems. Nonetheless, if a sinus infection looks like it is sneaking up on you, mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in an eight ounce glass of water for three to four times a day. Apple cider vinegar can help quickly thins your mucus so that it can be expelled easier. Within a few days, you should feel a lot better and you likely will have successfully fought off a sinus infection!

One of the best home remedies that you could do when you have severe sinus infections is by using a teapot or any pot or pan to emanate a clean vapor after you boil an ample amount of water in it. Position your face near the teapot where the vapor is coming out from and it would serve as your humidifier to open up your sinuses. Hopefully, in no time, you will enjoy better breathing and fewer headaches

Another great home remedy for severe sinus infection that you can easily do at home is making a glass of hot lemonade with fresh lemons. All you have to do is to follow the instructions of regular lemonade, but use hot water instead of cold. This home remedy for severe sinus infection is enormous in the sense that it protects you from fevers, colds or the flu because of the lemon’s antibacterial and antivirus properties. In addition, it instantly makes you feel calmer and have a soothed which is very comforting during a sinus related illness.

If you are not anxious of using herbal medicines, then feel free to use Oregon grapefruit as one of your home remedies for severe sinus infections. The Oregon grapefruit is very helpful in treating your sinus infection because it is a natural antibiotic that instantly kills bacteria. Preparing this kind of medication at home could never be easier since you can buy it from specialty stores in the form of pills or capsules.

However, like many other herbals concoctions, the Oregon grapefruit should be avoided if you are pregnant. Always seek your physician before starting any new pill or supplement when you are pregnant, nursing or suffering from a chronic condition.

If you need to find a fast way to …

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Caution!the Completion Myth: Romantic Relationships in your Twenties

Romance. We are all suckers for it (yes, even you guys–you know what it leads to!) Images of romance surround us: the couple holding hands at Starbucks, the gazillions of bridal magazines you breeze past on the way to buy toilet paper, or the frolicking couples on billboard perfume ads. Newsflash: real people don’t do this.

Since most twenty-somethings are entering their first serious romantic relationship, expectations of what it’s supposed to be like are fueled by advertisements and Hollywood rather than real-life experience. And this is where the guys have my utmost sympathy. Unless you have a screenwriter following you around, it is nearly impossible to live up to the moves of the latest Hollywood heartthrob. Let’s examine one of the most popular aaahh-inducing lines in a movie: “You complete me” from Jerry McGuire. He even says it in front of a room of the woman’s closest friends! After that, the two embrace in a “you-are-my-soulmate” hug.

I bring this line up because I see so many twenty-somethings craving a relationship in the hopes that it will complete them in some way–make them happier, relieve some kind of stress, keep them on par with their peers, or please their parents. The most dangerous thing you can expect or do in a relationship is to hold onto the expectation that the person you are with is there to do something for you. That is not the point of a relationship. A healthy relationship is defined by two independent people who share a love for each other but are not dependant on each other.

Whether you are currently swaying to your own beat, sashaying between different partners, or waltzing with one person in particular, it’s important that you take the time to dance alone, to understand your personal rhythm, before matching yours to another. Take some single time, especially in your twenties, to learn who you are sans a plus one. You have the rest of your life to share a tube of toothpaste with someone else so enjoy these years of being on your own — savor it. Living your own life, making your own decisions about your future, and dealing with the “real world” is a plate-full. Serious relationships can make it more difficult for you to figure yourself out, and not knowing who you are can do damage to future relationships. You will probably change more in your twenties than during any other decade in your life. The person you are at thirty may have a vastly different opinion about what you value in a partner than who you are at twenty-three. So date yourself. Fall in love with yourself.

Okay, so if you are still aching to register at Crate & Barrel, will some statistics make you feel better about staying single and feeling “complete” on your own first? Know that Americans are getting married later and later in life. A USA Today analysis of the new census figures shows that just 23.5 percent of men and 31.5 percent of women ages 20-29 were married in 2006. In 1970, 19 percent of births were to women 25 and up. Now, over 50 percent of births are to women 25 and up. Think of it this way: ideally you’ll get married and have a long life together. You’ll be with this other person for decades, maybe even over half a century, so what’s the rush?

And if you’re bummed because you are receiving more wedding invites than junk mail these days? Just go and enjoy the chicken dish at your friends’ weddings. I know it can be stifling, frightening. It may even make you want to bash your head in with the complimentary champagne flute. To make matters worse, your family starts dropping hints about settling down. Or maybe they say you have plenty of time, but you feel like time’s running short. Just take a deep breath, swallow the last bite of wedding cake, and know that when the time and person is right, it’ll happen. Don’t compare yourself to other people, even if they are your friends. It’s your life and your schedule.

And if you are in a relationship, just be sure that you are …

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List Of Low Cholesterol Foods

People who are over 25 years of age should pay more attention to their cholesterol levels. This is because as the body ages, its ability to fight off bad cholesterol decreases. Experts say that in order to avoid having too much bad cholesterol in the body, people should always have a ready list of low cholesterol foods and create a balance diet menu out of it.

The following is a list of low cholesterol foods that can be mix and match to create a low cholesterol diet:

1. LEAN MEATS. Lean red meats or lean chicken / turkey meats and fish should always be included in the list of low cholesterol menu because these are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that are excellent for a person's metabolism as well as in fighting off bad cholesterol .

2. VEGETABLES. This food group is considered as the healthiest among other groups in the food pyramid primarily because they are low in calorie-content. Aside from that, these are also high in dietary fiber and dietary nutrients that aids not only regulated metabolism but also balances cholesterol levels. Vegetables are also perfect low cholesterol foods because these are excellent sources of minerals and vitamins such as vitamins C, E and K, vitamin B-complex, and other micronutrients that reduce vitamin deficiency. Aside from lowering high cholesterol levels, other benefits of eating vegetables also include the reduction of heart diseases and cancer as well as high blood pressure.

3. GRAINS. Because these are in high-energy content and dietary fiber content, grains are effective foods to lower cholesterol level. Whole grains are also known as effective in controlling weight. Aside from whole grains, breads, beans, potatoes, pasta, and cereals can also help lower cholesterol levels.

4. NUTS AND SEEDS. Since these contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals, nuts and seeds are included among the list of low cholesterol foods. These foods also are also high in dietary fiber that is excellent for great metabolism and low in calorie-content that is effective for weight management.

5. FRUITS. Just like vegetables, fruits are also among the top food groups that lower cholesterol because they are very low in calorie content. These also contain large amounts of significant vitamins and nutrients that help prevent of vitamin deficiency as well as other illnesses. …

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What is an Osseous Surgery and Why is it Performed?

Osseous surgery is a type of operation performed on the bone and overlying tissues of the teeth to purposely correct the teeth or gums in the mouth so as to enable the teeth lie in good shape by holding them together.

Aims of performing osseous surgery

The surgery is done to eliminate an infected or necrotic bone. It helps in reconstructing the bones in to a perfect shape. It is also done to treat various types of periodontal diseases such as gum diseases and is effective when performing an implant procedure.

Osseous surgery is used as a preventive measure of reducing pockets by eliminating the affected teeth. It helps in restoring the alveolar bone and also prevents rising local factors of the teeth. The surgery also enables one to effectively place mechanical barriers on teeth that have defects and also give a new attachment apparatus by reconstructing the periodontal unit.

Deep vertical defects can be corrected through this kind of surgery too. The defects that are often on the molars can be corrected by removing the bone on the molar furcation area. It facilitates the treatment of loss of bones around the teeth area which make them weak.

This surgery is performed to help achieve good scaling and also plans for a good root system of the affected tooth. Since there is no instrument that can do that better, the surgery remains an effective way.

Weak teeth are supported by the roots through this operation. The process enables the teeth to hold firmly for some time. It is mostly performed on the mandibular premolar area.

Osseous surgery also reconstructs deep invasions of the upper and lower molars on the buccals or the linguals. They help rebuild attachment apparatus in the furcation area for easy maintenance.

It is however important to note that one should undergo periodontal therapy to determine whether the surgery will be effective. After the surgery, high standards of hygiene should also be observed to prevent chances of contracting any disease. When proper hygiene is not observed it becomes easy for an infection to occur.

This surgery can also help replace decayed teeth. They are carefully removed then replaced with a layer of new, strong and well shaped teeth.

It is also important to note that bleeding and swelling may occur after the surgery has been conducted but can be controlled easily by placing an ice pack on the outside of the affected area. In cases where the bleeding and swelling is in excess it is advised that you seek medical attention because the infection may be severe.

There should be no cause for alarm when your teeth react to hot or cold drinks since after this treatment, the teeth become so sensitive making the roots to develop cavities. Always remember that osseous surgery can never be performed in areas where the bones have been lost horizontally. The procedure should also not be performed in esthetic areas because it creates space in between the teeth, resulting to a poor arrangement of teeth. …

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Urinary Tract Remedies – How to Cure and Prevent Any Type of Urinary Tract Infection

If you are suffering from a urinary tract infection, you should learn why simple urinary tract remedies are becoming one of the fastest growing treatments for this type of problem. Millions of sufferers and thousands of doctors are now recommending simple ways to flush urinary tract bacteria at home.

Whether you are suffering from your first infection or you have had repeat infections and antibiotics are not working? It may be time to try simple and effective urinary tract remedies that work by flushing the bacteria out of your bladder.

Imagine being U.T.I. free in less than one day?

What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You about U.T.I.s

Fact! Antibiotics typically destroy the bacteria causing the infection. However, for them to be effective, you must take all the medications you get prescribed. Many people will stop taking the medication after they see their symptoms disappear.

Also, antibiotics destroy many helpful bacteria that keep your urinary tract healthy. Many sufferers will be diagnosed with 3-4 infections per year. This may be caused by taking antibiotics or the bacteria building a resiliency to the antibiotics.

But natural remedies present the ideal solution!

Fact! Urinary Tract Remedies work by flushing the E coli bacteria. There are numerous ways to flush the body and only one way to flush E coli bacteria which is clinging to your urinary tract.

Fact! Many doctors forget to recommend how important a healthy immune system is for treating these types of infections. One aspect of natural remedies, which is not available for antibiotics, is that they also work to prevent future infections.

Here are some simple tips to remember if you are suffering from an infection.

Ways to Treat Your Urinary Tract Infection

1. Many people eat the wrong foods when suffering from an infection. Foods that have a high acid content will often make your symptoms worse, so you need to cut these foods from your diet immediately. These foods should be avoided when U.T.I. symptoms are present: coffee, tea, chocolate, soda, guava, oranges, pineapples, strawberries, tomatoes, wine, carbonated beverages, corned beef, chicken, steak, corn, eggs, and sour cream.

2. You should also be eating a balanced, high fiber diet which will help keep the urinary tract balanced and flushed. Most sufferers are not flushing their bodies or urinary tracts like they should, hence the infection. A good place to start is by trying to eat at least 5-6 fruits or vegetables a day and eating whole grain breads and pastas.

3. Did you know that healthy kidney function is extremely critical in the fight against urinary tract infections? A great way to improve your kidney function is to be supplementing an alfalfa juice concentrate. An alfalfa juice concentrate will help the body get rid of toxins and increase the flow of urine. By adding cranberry tablets to this concentrate, you will get a perfect kidney boost!

4. Finally, you should also learn how to keep your urinary tract balanced and always healthy! Unfortunately, many people think that drinking cranberry juice by the gallon will help flush their urinary tract. They’re wrong. Here is a 12 hour UTI Remedy Report that gives specific details on how to flush your infection painlessly.

Cure Yourself at Home in 12 Hours

Cure your urinary tract infection in less than 12 hours from now. That is our 100% guarantee we give every customer and the reason why we have sold over 10,000 Urinary Tract Infection Remedy Reports with an extremely high success rate.

To download your copy of our report and be U.T.I. free in less than 12 hours, please visit our Urinary Tract Remedies website today!…

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5 Essential Medical Machines Used in Hospitals

Today, medical equipment technology is advancing at increasingly rapid speeds, in large part because of the advent of computer technology just a few decades ago. But despite this, some of the most common and essential pieces of medical machinery still in use today had their origin in pre-computer times. Here are 5 of the top medical machines used in hospitals.


Defibrillators remain the best tools for reviving patients during cardiac arrests. Defibrillators can be found in almost every hospital room today along with the first aid kit. Experiments with defibrillation started in the late 19th century, but it wasn’t until 1947 that a defibrillator was first used to resuscitate a human being: a 14 year old patient of Doctor Claude Beck. Beck used his still-not-properly-tested defibrillator when the 14-year-old’s heart stopped in the middle of open heart surgery.

Patient Monitors

One of the most essential tools in the operating room, the patient monitor is a large device that records and interprets the vital signs of a patient during medical care or treatment. Thanks to patient monitors, doctors and nurses are sometimes alerted of incoming changes or dangers to the patients state before symptoms of the changes become physically apparent.

X-ray Machine

It was German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen who accidentally discovered x-rays in 1895 while working on experiments with electron beams. It took many years to get x-rays machines from the large, cumbersome and fatally dangerous things they were at the beginning to the highly useful and very safe instruments they are today. X-ray machines help doctors diagnose illnesses, detect fractured bones, cavities and foreign objects inside the body.

EKG Machine

The first EKG (electrocardiogram) machine was built in 1903 by Willem Einthoven. An EKG machine detects any abnormalities in heart functions by detecting the electrical signals created by the movement of the heart’s muscles. Einthoven assigned the letters P, Q, R, S and T to the various kinds of electrical signals of the heart. His system is still used in modern EKG machines.

Ultrasound Machines

In a similar fashion as sonar, ultrasound machines map the body’s interior tissue and organs by emitting high-pitched sound waves that bounce off internal body structures to produce a visual image of them. Karl Dussik and Ian Donald are the two most well known pioneers of ultrasound technology. In 192, Dussik used ultrasound to examine the human brain and Donald, in the 50s, used ultrasound for diagnostic purposes.…

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Low Calorie Foods That Taste Great!

Low calorie foods that taste great are all around us, but they're a little harder to find than that greasy slice of pizza or cheeseburger. One of the ways Asian women stay so skinny is by eating common food that is low in calories but still tastes good. Here a few foods that will help you win the battle of the bulge and get the lean look you're after!

Low Calorie Foods That Taste Great!

Low calorie foods often have a reputation for tasting horrible, and it's easy to see why with most of the so-called "diet" food for sale in our grocery stores comes loaded with chemical preservatives and other unnatural compounds!

You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the prince, and the same goes for low calorie food in terms of taste. Let's look at a few items you can add to your daily menu that will help you lose weight AND still feel satisfied.

1. It's time to go nuts – A handful of organic and natural nuts can be one of the most tasty and filling snacks you can eat while on a calorie-restricted diet.

Asian women love them, I can remember my Chinese Mother always giving them to my sisters and I when we were little as a treat, and I've never lost that habit when losing weight without starving.

Nuts work when dieting because the fiber, protein, and healthy fats they contain actually stimulate the metabolism in a way that helps burn fat. And they do this while simultaneously lowering insulin levels in the blood, which can stop weight loss in its tracks.

You'll also feel full much longer with the same calories coming from nuts versus another sources of food because of the protein they offer. Often times a handful of nuts that is only 100-150 calories can make you feel full between lunch and dinner, which keeps you from cheating!

2. An American favorite that Asians love – Is there anything better than a fresh apple with some organic peanut butter spread onto it? That wonderful combination of salty and sweet tastes is not common in Asia, but in the USA it's one of our favorite treats!

You have to go easy on the peanut butter, less is more in this case when trying to lose weight. But even if you overdo it you'll still wind up with a total calorie count of roughly 150-200 … which is perfect as a snack to rev up your energy and get you to your next major meal without having to resort to the vending machine at work or another mistake.

Apples have natural sugar, but do not fear it as our bodies have evolved over time to process that sugar without a spike in our insulin levels. This is unlike the processed and refined sugars in man-made food, which should be avoided as much as possible.

The next time you want to eat a big piece of cake or another naughty carb, replace it with an apple and a spoonful of peanut butter. You'll be shocked to find you do not miss the cheat-food at all!

Low Calorie Foods Are Just Part of the Problem …

You're not going to discover the true way how to lose weight permanently from just a quick article or short write-up. In order to really understand how Asian women are able to get their incredibly skinny bodies, even right after giving birth, requires a detailed look at all of their secret techniques and methods up close. …

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