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Walking Exercise Program (This is All You Need)

A walking exercise program is most definitely a viable way to lose weight (assuming you are following a quality diet). However, here is a great SPIN you can place on the average walking exercise program so that you may get the most of it.

1. Interval Training

It is funny how many people get scared off by the word "training". For some reason it seems to imply strenuous work that nobody really want to put up with. Interval training is NOT the worst thing in the world!

All you do in interval training is add short bursts of hard running into your daily walks. For example, as you are walking, burst in to a run and go for about 15 seconds. Many people believe they can go much longer than 15 seconds when they first do this.

They have MUCH different views after they actually do this! The time you are running is not important, so do not try making intervals longer by easing up on the running. The idea is that after walking for a bit (and being fairly warmed up), you burst into a hard run for a short period of time. Try and go as fast as you can for this short time period.

After about 15 second, ease up and start walking again. Repeat this process a few times as you are walking. The amount of calories you burn just from 45-60 seconds in total of hard running is amazing.

2. Take a Cold Shower

Once you get home from a walk have a shower. When you are finishing up, turn the water to the coldest and rinse under it for 45 seconds. This will put your body in a state of thermogenesis. In other words, your body will begin burning fat in order to create more heat.

This walking exercise program is the ONLY one you need to be successful. …

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Life Estates in Medicaid Planning

Often an elder law attorney will suggest that clients transfer their home to their children, retaining a “life estate.” What does that mean, and what are the consequences of such an arrangement?

When a person signs a deed to their home to their children, the children immediately own the house and the parents no longer own any interest in the house. Thus, the parents are at the mercy of the children, who could legally boot them out of the house at any time.

“My children would never do that to us!” you say. Maybe not, but one of more of your children could be sued, divorced or go bankrupt in a bad business deal. Since the children now own the house and not you, those creditors could attach “your” house and force a sale, leaving you out on the street.

Often a better solution is to deed the house to the children but retain the right to live in the house for the rest of your life, so that your children only own it upon your death (or, if you’re married, following the death of the survivor of you and your spouse). Such a deed gives your children a “remainder interest” in the house, while you have retained a “life estate” in the house.

Since your children have no rights to the house during your lifetime, a divorce or lawsuit against a child cannot have any impact on your continued right to use and possess your house.

Upon your death (or, if you’re married, upon the death of the survivor of you and your spouse), the house is immediately and automatically owned by your children. No probate is required to transfer ownership to them at that point. As a matter of fact, even if your will attempted to leave the house to someone else, the will would be ignored, since you’ve already given the house to your children by way of the deed.

For Medicaid purposes, deeding a remainder interest to one or more children may have the beneficial effect of protecting it against “estate recovery,” i.e., the state’s claim following your death for reimbursement of any Medicaid expenses it paid on your behalf during your lifetime. The rule in most states is that only assets in one’s “probate estate” can be subject to estate recovery. So if the house passes automatically to the children outside of your probate estate at your death, then the state is out of luck.

If you deed your house to your children, and the house is worth $250,000, you just made a gift of $250,000 to the children when you signed the deed. However, if you deed only a remainder interest to your children, then you have made a smaller gift. After all, you have retained the right to use and possess the house for the rest of your life; that has a value. The federal government publishes a table that shows the value of a life estate at ages from 0 to 109; the Medicaid folks rely on this when valuing your life estate.

For example, if you are age 70 and sign a life estate deed, your retained interest in your house is valued at 61% and the gift of the remainder interest is valued at 39%. If you are age 80, you are not expected to live as long as a 70-year-old, so your retained interest is worth less (44%) which increases the gift value (56%).

So if your house is worth $250,000, and you are age 80 when you sign the life estate deed, you just made a gift of $140,000 ($250,000 x 56%). Such a gift will be counted against you if you apply for Medicaid within five years, so do your planning well in advance!…

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Plastic Surgeons: Texas

The decision to enhance the body by surgical alteration is a weighty one. There are many dilemmas facing a person who wishes to undergo cosmetic surgery some of which include financial reasons, social reasons, fear of the procedure itself and the pain of recovery, but not the least of which: how to locate a trustworthy doctor. Anyone who finally makes the decision to have plastic surgery will then face this difficult decision of who to trust their body to.

If you are I this position, you can rest easy knowing that there are many well-recommended, well-trained, well-practiced, board certified plastic surgeons throughout Texas. Main Texas hubs for plastic surgery include Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Tyler, but there are board certified plastic surgeons in Abilene, Amarillo, Beaumont, Bryan, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Harlingen, Laredo, Lubbock, Odessa, San angelo, Victoria, Wichita Falls, Fort Bend, Montgomery County, Conroe and Sugarland as well.

Cosmetic surgeons will be able to help you enhance your body through

o breast augmentation

o breast reduction

o breast lift (mastopexy)

o breast reconstruction

o body contouring

o liposuction

o abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

o arm lift

o face lift

o eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)

o brow lift

o rhinoplasty (nasal reshaping)

o nasal septal repair

o skin rejuvenation

o fotofacial

o botox

o otoplasty (ear reshaping)

Do not be dissatisfied with bad results. Sleeping Swan can help you find the best plastic surgeon for you based upon a number of criteria including location. So if you're looking for the best plastic surgeons in Texas, make sure you find one through a reliable source. …

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Four Signs You Should Visit an Urgent Care Medical Clinic

It can be difficult to determine whether a situation is severe enough to require a trip to an urgent care facility. Here are some of the key signs that you may need to visit this type of medical clinic.

The injury is not life-threatening.

It’s a little counter-intuitive, but some injuries are too critical for an urgent care center. When there is severe bleeding, chest pain or difficulty breathing, it’s usually best to go to the closest hospital. Even a well-equipped medical clinic does not have the same resources as a hospital if it becomes necessary to perform surgery. Larger facilities with more beds are also able to admit patients for longer periods of care and monitoring. This is particularly important with cardiac events that may require extended periods of monitoring and recording for diagnosis.

You just need a couple of stitches.

It can be hard to assess the severity, but small cuts and scrapes are well within the capabilities of the standalone ER. If you have access to distilled water, it is often possible to rinse a small cut and better see its length. Cuts that are only about an inch long should not require all the additional resources offered by a hospital. More medical care may be needed for lacerations that are longer, deeper or bleeding profusely. If the injury also involved the patient hitting his head, then a CT scan may be needed.

Symptoms suggest a sore throat or cold.

Common illnesses like the cold are perfect reasons to visit a neighbourhood medical clinic instead of a more distant facility. The usual antibiotics or injections can be prescribed without the longer wait times associated with hospitals. Walk-in patients are welcome, foregoing the need to make an appointment several days in advance with the primary care physician. A sore throat is just one example of the many common illnesses that are best treated sooner rather than later. Left untreated, the illness can cause middle ear infections and other types of infection. It is best to get illnesses treated in a timely and efficient fashion whenever possible.

You just need a physical or exam.

Again, one of the biggest problems with going to your primary care physician is the time you have to wait for an appointment. Most medical clinics are completely capable of performing the simple exams sometimes required by employers and other organizations. Especially when you need to get the exam finished on a tight schedule, it’s great to have the convenience of a local walk-in office. These places can also perform your regular annual check-ups, a helpful service for busy professionals.

Ultimately, there are a lot of variables that go into choosing an appropriate facility for a particular circumstance. If your paediatrician is located nearby, that may be your preferred destination every time your children present with symptoms of strep throat. Your paediatrician or family doctor knows more of your family’s medical history, which can help her identify long-term trends and provide a more informed diagnosis.…

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Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment – How to Cure BV That is Reoccurring

Do you want to get an effective Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment? I mean a treatment that will totally cure your BV and stop it from ever returning? Well, as you may already know, it is not so difficult to treat BV. However, if you did not use the correct methods and techniques when you first tried treating this condition, you may end up with what is commonly called: Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis. Now treating Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis is what is difficult, because it keeps coming back no matter what you do.

Not to say that you can’t ever cure the recurrent nature of this condition, but you will need extra help if you want it to go away and never come back again. If you have this condition, and you really are serious about getting rid of it once and for all, then I will advice you to get a copy Elena Person’s Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom Guide and learn the effective BV cure methods recommended in this ebook.

The best and most effective Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment are found in The Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom Guide which has been popular on the web for a while, and has helped thousands of women in about 130 different countries to safely, permanently and naturally cure their BV. This guide will definitely help you out with your condition, if you give it a try.

Do you want to totally get rid of your BV? Do you want to use the best recurrent Bacterial vaginosis treatment to completely treat your BV and stop it from ever coming back to bother you? If yes, then you need to get a copy of The Bacterial Vaginosis Guide.

Click here ==> Elena Peterson’s Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom Book Review, to read what other people have to say about this guide, and how it can help you treat your condition, no matter how long you have been trying to treat it.

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Cycling: Health and Fitness Guide

When it comes to convincing people to try cycling, some would usually ask, “Why go cycling when you can burn your calories in the gym?” While it is true that working out in the gym can help in losing weight and toning our muscles, outdoor cycling has its own merits.

Cycling is a low impact exercise meaning it does not put too much pressure that strains our joints unlike in running or high impact aerobic exercises and weight training in the gym. Our muscles can get a real good workout since cycling uses all the major muscle groups as we pedal our way through bike paths, roads and hills. Furthermore, as an aerobic exercise, cycling is an ideal cardiovascular workout since this activity makes us breathe deeper, experience increase in body temperature making us perspire, an indication of burning calories and a way of eliminating some toxins in the body like body fat. Cycling is an exercise that does not pressure us since we can do it at our own pace. It is also fun to do because we can do it with our friends or family and unlike in the gym where we are just confined training with various equipment within the walls, outdoor cycling gives us a sense of fun and adventure as we travel pedaling our bike.

According to research, steady cycling can burn as much as 1,200 kilojoules or about 300 calories per hour. Studies also show evidence that a half hour bike ride everyday will burn nearly five kilograms of fat over a year. Do the math and see how much fat can be burned when we ride our bikes for an hour or more every day. We use our bicycles not just as a form of leisure exercise, but we can also use them as our mode of transportation especially when we have gained that confidence on the road.

Of course, like any other exercise, we can get the most benefit from cycling when we pair this activity with proper diet and proper eating habits. It would be beneficial for us to come up with a meal plan so that the exercise would be complemented with the proper diet.

Experts suggest that we increase the protein in our diet, eat a nutritious breakfast at least an hour before the ride and have a protein-packed food for lunch or dinner. A healthy light snack can be taken in during long rides.…

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Methods for Building Bigger Arms

All bodybuilders want to have the biggest arms possible. The arms and chest is what defines a bodybuilder and the bigger the better. So actually building the arms is quite a high priority in most bodybuilding workout routines. But there is far more than just doing bicep curls as those will only help to build the biceps.

Spending lots of time on the triceps, which are the muscles at the back of the arm, will actually cause the arms to appear larger. The triceps are larger than the biceps so will need more training to build them up. But the effort will be worth it because once they start to grow, the size of the arms will change dramatically.

Close grip bench presses are great for working the tricep muscles. Just be sure to have someone overlooking whilst you exercise as you will be relying on the triceps to be able to get that last press so you can rest.

Biceps can be trained by the regular bicep curl and other more concentrated bicep exercises like the reverse curl or the bicep twist. These help to gain the extra definition and growth and not just build mass on the main bicep itself.

Nutrition is a major factor in building muscle as you probably already know. You’ll need to be consuming lots of protein to help the muscles grow and also a large amount of carbs to ensure you are getting the energy you need to train hard enough to get the muscle growth you need.

Building bigger arms is all about consuming the right balance of nutrition and making sure you are training each muscle correctly. A variation in exercises is great for ensuring the muscles can grow both in width and in length. That is the key for having big arms to be proud of.…

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Which Vitamins Are Particularly Useful In The Treatment For Uterine Fibroids

You can easily bring fibroids under control with help of natural uterine fibroid treatment methods. Trust me nature has made us like that. Our bodies are equipped to remove harmful toxins and abnormal cells when it is out of balance.

Any type of treatment for uterine fibroids must specifically include certain vitamins and minerals. In this article I am going to share some of the vitamins which are absolutely a must if you desire to get rid of fibroids naturally. The best vitamins for fibroid cure are Vitamin A (Betacarotene), Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Vitamin A, also known as Betacarotene, is essential for fibroid treatment. It is helpful in protecting the body cells against damage and also assists cells to reproduce normally. Secondly red blood cells production is dependent on adequate supplies of Vitamin A. This vitamin also controls heavy bleeding, a common symptom of fibroids.

Vitamin C is essential to absorb iron in the body. Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids helps in strengthening our body’s capillaries. This is again effective in reducing the heavy bleeding caused by fibroids.

Vitamin E is effective for painful periods (dysmenorrhea) caused by fibroids. Dysmenorrhea can be primary or secondary to endometriosis or fibroids. Vitamin E combats fibroid symptoms like bloated feeling, nausea, breast tenderness, diarrhea and headaches.

The refereed vitamins must be used in combination with other natural supplements in treatment for uterine fibroids. Needless to say, any uterine fibroid treatment method must be multifaceted with these vitamins being one of the important aspects.

Do you want to get rid of Uterine Fibroids permanently? There is a proven fibroids treatment that will produce results in the next few weeks. This may seem impossible, but is 100% true. If you are serious about getting rid of fibroids naturally, discover the excellent insider secrets by clicking – Uterine Finroid Treatment…

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About Workers Compensation Law Los Angeles

Workers’ compensation refers to insurance provided to employees through their employer to cover medical expenses or any loss in the course of employment, workplace accident or the like.

In California, employers need to carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance or qualify for self-insurance to cover any type of injuries or loss in the workplace. Work related injuries refer to carpal tunnel syndrome or leg injuries or illnesses which include hypertension, excessive stress, and insomnia, heart and lung diseases due to over exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins. Although there are laws existing regarding workers’ compensation, determining one’s eligibility and compensation can give rise to complex issues and insurance companies denying your claims. The compensation includes benefits for time off during recovery from an injury, medical reimbursements and compensation for a long term disability or impairment.

If you personally experience any work related injury, and find difficulty in acquiring workers’ compensation benefits, the right person who can help you out is a Workers’ Compensation Attorney. Some situations arise when your employer or insurance denies your claim in spite of producing valid medical papers and your medical expenses. A Workers’ Compensation Attorney knows the legal intricacies and can make you aware of your legal rights and duties you were otherwise unaware of.

For a reliable and experienced Worker Compensation Attorney, log on to We are a leading name among law firms in California and specifically in the Los Angeles area, handling personal injury cases, workers’ compensation cases and accident claims. Backed with 30 years of professional experience and expertise, we have helped many persons obtain worker’s compensation benefits for clients suffering from on-the-job injuries.

Sometimes workplace injury cases involve someone other than the two parties; employer and employee. A third party lawsuit may be filed and can add to a successful settlement. Such complicated cases are executed by the combined effort and expertise of our Workers’ Compensation Lawyer and Personal Injury Lawyer ensuring the best possible settlement.

Our attorneys also work for sustaining a healthy and productive work environment, work closely with Southern California’s labor unions and employer groups to improve the quality of working environment, working conditions and employee’s rights. For more information, visit…

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California Los Angeles County Preemptory Writ Mandate Driver's License Suspended Chemical Test Refusal Blood Test Lawyers Attorney

JEAN EDWARD CARREY, Plaintiff and Respondent, v. DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES, Defendant and Appellant
Court of Appeal of California, Second Appellate District, Division Two
July 31, 1986

On October 21, 1984 Carrey, the respondent was arrested for the felony offenses of drunk driving and hit and run. He was advised of the “implied consent” law, Vehicle Code section 13353 (now section 23157). The respondent had requested the blood test and was asked to sign the hospital’s “Consent to Blood Test” form. After reading this form, Carrey refused to sign that form because he was taking some medicines that could affect his bleeding. He was asked to take a breath test or urine test but he continued to insist on a blood test. Subsequently the DMV issued an order of suspension to Carrey. Later the respondent had filed a petition for administrative mandamus in the superior court to which the DMV responded. The superior court issued the writ of mandate forbidding the DMV from suspending Carrey’s driving privilege. This appeal by DMV followed.


Whether respondent’s refusal to sign the medical consent form was the pragmatic equivalent of a refusal to consent to the procedure involved?

Whether the lower court had erred in issuing the writ of mandate forbidding the DMV from suspending the respondent’s driving privilege?


This court held that if the driver refuses to complete one of the three tests, his driving privilege is subject to suspension. There is a strong public policy against the nightmare of drunk driving. Thus, the implied consent law should be liberally construed to effect its purpose, which is to swiftly and accurately identify drunk drivers. Consequently, the driver should clearly and unambiguously manifest the consent required by the law. Consent which is not clear and unambiguous may be deemed a refusal. The determinative factor as to whether there is a refusal is not the arrestee’s subjective state of mind, but rather the objective, fair meaning to be distilled from his words and conduct. In the case at bench, The respondent reviewed the form entitled “Consent to Blood Test” and stated he would not sign it The crux of the form is an acknowledgement that the driver has been advised of his choice of tests and that he is not physically incapable of taking the test. The form represents a sensible precaution from the hospital’s standpoint and imposes no significant additional onus on the driver. This court held that Section 13353 (e) c.v.c. grants the driver an exemption from the blood test because he is using an anticoagulant, however does not make the driver ineligible if he wishes to take a blood test. Hence, Carrey’s refusal to sign the medical consent form was the pragmatic equivalent of a refusal to consent to the procedure involved.

This court held that at that juncture, it was incumbent upon Carrey to select and submit to one of the remaining chemical tests as had been requested by the arresting officer. The respondent refused to submit to, or failed to complete, a chemical test of his blood, breath, or urine after being requested to do so by the officer. Hence this court held that the DMV properly revoked the respondent’s driver’s license.


This court reverses the judgment granting respondent driver’s petition for a peremptory writ of mandate because respondent’s statement that he would not sign the hospital’s consent to a blood test and respondent’s refusal to submit to a urine or breath test constituted a refusal to submit to a chemical test for intoxication and respondent’s driving privileges were properly         suspended.


These summaries are provided by the SRIS Law Group.  They represent the firm’s unofficial views of the Justices’ opinions.  The original opinions should be consulted for their authoritative content

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