Can you get health insurance quotes without giving personal information?

There are lots of folks who are looking for a cheap health insurance quote without giving personal information. Giving private data on the internet is not safe, unfortunately. Though, lately more and more sites are demanding this, think social networking sites.

For just a basic quote you can have a quote without giving personal information, though you may not get an accurate one, especially for health insurance or car insurance for example. This is because the way the insurance providers calculate risks. And the age and where you live is a considered a risk and it is factored in your health policy. If you are young, you may expect off course to pay less health insurance cover, providing you have no pre-existing conditions. However, if you are over a certain age, let’s say 40 years old, you may be ask to pay more due to risks associated with your age.

Hope this clarifies a little bit why the insurance providers may need this kind of peronal data from you. However, if they ask for social security number, you should stay clear away from such sites. They don’t need this kind of information to provide you a quote. The same it is with your exactly date of birth and phone number.

Finding free health insurance quotes online it is very easy nowadays, especially since there are many health compare websites popping around to help. However, remember to check throughly before deceding to with a particular health cover and read the fine print carefully. This is very important for health insurance policies as you may have surprises later on if you do not read them carefully.

Choosing a health cover with or without providing personal information is a major step which can affect your future financial status if something goes wrong and you need to cover the medical costs. Some premiums may seem better at first as they require you less money, but they may actually contain small prints about some conditions not be covered. Also, you need to think ahead if you want and individual cover or take a falimily plan. If you have children, since you can not anymore get insurance just for your child alone and you need to get cover as well, it is normal that you opt for a plan that cover both the child and you even if it is more expensive. This is even more dearing if the child has a pre-existing condition.