Can Natural Sleep Aids from GNC Serenade You to Sleep at Night?

GNC Natural sleep aids along with products offered by other health food stores can be very effective and are by far a better choice than the toxic over the counter medication and prescription drugs that are being so over used by insomniacs. Common choices such as Valerian and Chamomile are know to be effective ways to ease tension and creating a calming effect on the body.

According to many scientific test and experiments conducted by sleep specialists however, nothing can compare to the long term effectiveness of "training" your body. You must develop personal techniques to put your body into the proper sleep mode. The mind is the number one enemy to sound, deep sleep, and you simply must put all the worries, and stressful thoughts away in order to get the rest our bodies crave and must have to function in a productive manner.

You must focus on your breathing. Count each breath as you exhale. Count to ten. Repeat several times until relaxation sets in. Clear your mind of everything and think only of counting each breath as you exhale.

Identify negative thoughts and gently pass them out from the focused region of your mind. Continue to focus on your breathing.

Another form of meditation is guided imagery. Guided imagery is combination of meditation, relaxation, and hypnosis. This method enables you to vision a state of total body relaxation. Make sure you are calm and quiet and that you can not be disturbed.

Use a tape or cd player with ambient sounds to put your body into a proper state for visualization. Typically the visualization will begin with some simple relaxation exercises that include deep breathing. When your body and mind are completely relaxed, your imagination will then come into play.

Some common imagery includes walking along the beach, being the mountains, or walking through the forest. The guided imagery uses your imagination to induce peacefulness and relaxation. You will be guided through the meditation from beginning to end, at which time you should feel calm and serene.

There are many imagery tapes on the market for you to choose from. Explore several to discover which sound your body reacts to in the most positive way.

The guided imagery techniques for meditation will help your mind and body to relax and enter a totally peaceful state. Your goal is to be as rested as possible as you prepare to sleep. Your body will thank you in the morning.