Bowflex Diet – Get Ripped in 6 Weeks with the Bowflex Diet

It seems that the beginning of every new year Bowflex begins doing their heavy television advertising.

And I guess like you I want to know — does the Bowflex workout and the Bowflex diet plan really work!

Well, you can save yourself some time because I did all the heavy lifting. Read this article and get the complete step-by-step details to how you can get ripped in as little as six weeks using the Bowflex diet.

I hate to say that the Bowflex diet plan is idiot proof but here’s how it works.

The Bowflex nutrition plan is based on a 60-20-20 ratio. The 60 percent is carbohydrates, 20% is proteins and finally 20% is fat. Yes you need fat in your diet but it’s best to stick with the unsaturated kind. Keep reading and I’ll fill you in on all the details in a moment.

Here’s the thing… the Bowflex diet program is very simple they have created complete menus that are easy to use. And the eating plan is a no-brainer. It structured for nutritional value, super fat loss and effectiveness.

But if you’re expecting something revolutionary forget about it! The diet and nutritional requirements of this program have been known to fitness trainers and bodybuilders for years.

With the Bowflex Diet Plan You Be Eating Five Meals per Day

The program consists of three meals — breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks. A midafternoon and a late-night snack.

In the first two weeks you be eating approximately 1500 calories if you’re a man. Or 1200 calories per day if you’re a woman.

This is designed to get rid of body fat very quickly. On a side note, following a calorie deficit nutrition plan will leave you feeling hungry at first. So make what are your friend and eat plenty of salad with lemon juice or a very low calorie dressing.

Keep in mind that breakfast, lunch, and dinner calories never vary.

What you’ll be doing is taking and choosing the menus. This program does allow you to make or use your own recipes.

However, you’re not alone . They do provide you with guidelines to help you in designing your own healthy nutritional menu.

The idea behind the Bowflex diet plan is — Healthy Weight Loss

As I mentioned earlier, it is important dieting to drink plenty of water. If you like me don’t really care sometimes for plain old water, you can add some lemon or lime and a non-sugar based sweetener or flavoring.

Here Are the Complete Details For the Six-Week Bowflex Diet Plan

You’ll begin week number one on Monday and continue through Sunday.  Week 2 is a repeat of Week one.

Weeks One and Two

  • Men 1500 calories per day.
  • Women 1200 calories per day.

Weeks three and four

  • Men 1400 calories per day.
  • Women 1100 calories per day.

Weeks five and six

  • Men 1300 calories per day.
  • Women 1000 calories per day

As you can see the Bowflex diet plan has been designed to be very simple. For somebody like me was not handy around the kitchen it is quite easy to follow. In reality there is very little cooking required.

The program is a no-brainer. All you do is read the menu, pick out your foods, and follow the instructions.

Now here’s the deal. The difficult part — if there’s one — is in knowing which foods to choose. So it’s important that you read the nutrition information on the products you buy.

Don’t be like me — ask questions if you’re not certain. And if you need to put on your glasses because the type on these labels is so small that even someone with 2020 vision probably can’t see it.

Bear in mind that what you eat is just one part of the Bowflex diet plan.

What I liked the most is that the Bowflex diet plan isn’t one of those programs where you’re always hungry.

Now here’s the thing. Whether you want to gain muscle size or just get rid of body fat or even both. You need to have a good nutrition program, a good workout plan and affordable exercise equipment.

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