BioFit Probiotic Reviews: Alarming Complaints or Weight Loss Pills That Work?

BioFit is a probiotic weight loss pill by Nature’s Formulas sold online through that includes seven ingredients of clinically-researched value that work towards healing the gut biohm naturally.

The weight loss formula claims to help you lose enormous amounts of fat with limited diet and exercise required due to its unique ability to repair digestion. According to Chrissie Miller and the BioFit formulators, some customers claim to have lost 72 pounds or more while taking the weight loss probiotic formula.

Healthy weight loss has never been an easy goal. With millions of Americans suffering the harrowing effects of obesity, the importance of a sustainable, consistent weight loss process really cannot be overstated. Obesity can be a deadly problem; heart disease, diabetes, and a number of additional issues result from being overweight. Shedding fat, then, is a matter of life and death for many people.

Physicians regularly warn of scam weight loss supplements. Every few years, new supplements and “special formulas” pop up, promising to help people lose fifty pounds or more in a short amount of time. For the most part, people should keep their expectations for supplements low. Supplementation might be a helpful way to boost your weight loss results, but formulas can’t do anything without your help. Lifting weights, running, and exercising can help to create a caloric deficit while you work on your diet.

But even the most perfect weight loss routine can sometimes fall short. For these times, supplements can fill the gap and help you lose those additional stubborn fat pounds. The right supplement might help consumers to look and feel their best, as losing weight can most certainly have this effect and improve your quality of life in the process. .

BioFit is part of a larger category of supplements, probiotics. Probiotic supplements generally focus on the gut, although some probiotics offer benefits outside of this part of the body. Probiotic supplements work by helping to boost bacteria in the gut. Not all bacteria are bad. Emerging science suggests that healthy bacteria in the colon and intestines might play a major role in our weight loss processes. Digestion, bowel movements, and the metabolism are all components of the weight loss equation that are regulated by the gut and its scores of healthy bacteria.

Should you try BioFit to lose weight? Some supplements make massive claims but fall short when it comes to actual performance. Our review will walk you through all the supporting information and research necessary to make an informed purchasing decision about this essential new weight loss probiotic supplement.

What is BioFit?

BioFit is a nutritional supplement that uses probiotics to help you lose weight.

BioFit Probiotic Reviews: Alarming Complaints or Weight Loss Pills That Work?

Probiotic supplements are more popular than ever. Many people take probiotic supplements daily to support gut health. Probiotics are linked to better immunity, weight loss, and other benefits. You can get probiotics through fermented foods – like yogurt and kefir. Or, you can get probiotics through supplements.

BioFit only contains probiotic ingredients. Each serving contains around 6 billion colony forming units (CFUs) of probiotics or about 6 times the probiotics in an average serving of yogurt. The supplement contains multiple strains of probiotics, helping you tackle gut health in different ways.

. Each bottle contains 30 capsules. makes the supplement. But does BioFit probiotic supplementation really work to boost immunity, manage fat loss and improve digestion? How much weight can you lose with BioFit if taken reguarly? Find out everything you need to know about this supplement today in our review.

How Does BioFit Work?

BioFit works similar to any other probiotic supplement: the supplement gives your body the probiotic strains it needs for gut health, and you enjoy various benefits.

Typically, probiotic supplements don’t lead to a significant amount of weight loss on their own. Yes, probiotics can help support weight loss and support immunity – but you still need a significant amount of dieting, exercising, and time to lose weight.

The is filled with people who enjoyed powerful benefits after taking BioFit, including:

  • Lose up to 72 pounds of weight with no significant changes to diet and exercise
  • Safe with no reported side effects
  • Natural probiotic ingredients
  • Eat all of your favorite foods while still losing a significant amount of weight.
  • Take one capsule per day.
  • Backed by 180-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee

Some people benefit from probiotics more than others. If you already have healthy intestinal flora, then you’re unlikely to benefit from taking more probiotics. Your gut is already balanced, and you’re operating at peak performance.

However, many people have imbalanced gut flora. Toxins in the food could cause it. It could be caused by a stressful lifestyle, obesity, antibiotic medication, and other issues.

What to Expect While Taking BioFit

The who have lost a significant amount of weight while taking BioFit.

BioFit Probiotic Reviews: Alarming Complaints or Weight Loss Pills That Work?

One woman claims she lost 72 pounds on BioFit, for example, an insane amount of weight to lose with just a probiotic supplement.

That woman described her weight loss as “easy and effortless” because of BioFit. She does not claim to have exercised or dieted at all: she just took BioFit and lost 72 pounds.

Another woman cited on the BioFit product description page describes the formula as “the anti-diet.” That woman claims she does not diet at all: she continues to eat all her favorite foods, but “the weight is just falling off of me.” That woman lost so much weight while taking BioFit that people “keep saying they don’t recognize” her.

Finally, one man cited on the sales page claims he struggled with digestive issues and weight gain for years. He decided to take BioFit and noticed immediate health benefits: his love handles disappeared, and he now feels less bloated.

They claim thousands of people have safely lost weight while taking BioFit with no reported side effects or issues.

BioFit Ingredients

It would help if you were skeptical any time a company promises easy and effective weight loss with no hard work – especially when it’s a probiotic formula instead of a conventional weight loss formula.

BioFit contains multiple strains of probiotic bacteria. Here’s what the formula looks like:

  • 5.75 billion CFUs of probiotic bacteria, including Bacillus subtilis (DE111), Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, and Bifidobacterium breve
  • Other ingredients like vegetable cellulose, maltodextrin, and medium-chain triglycerides

The probiotics in BioFit are similar to the probiotics in other supplements. They’re the most common and popular types of probiotics.

BioFit Probiotic Reviews: Alarming Complaints or Weight Loss Pills That Work?

Some claim that different strains have different effects. That’s somewhat true. However, all of the probiotics in BioFit perform the same general function: they support digestive health and immunity in various ways. Somehow, this leads to a significant amount of weight loss (72 pounds or more).

How Do Probiotics Work?

Probiotics are “good” bacteria in your digestive system. They’re like germs – but good germs that help digestion instead of hurting it.

You can find probiotics in supplements and foods. Some doctors recommend taking probiotics to help with various conditions.

If you have chronic digestive problems, for example, or if you have recently completed an antibiotic cycle, then your gut bacteria may be imbalanced. A probiotic-rich diet (or a probiotic supplement) could help.

Probiotic supplements have never been more popular. Most people take probiotics to balance their gut health. Gut health is linked with digestion, immunity, weight loss, and other crucial effects.

By , you may be able to achieve noticeable benefits.

Probiotics aren’t a magic diet pill, nor do they work instantly. Typically, you need to take probiotics for weeks before achieving any noticeable effects. The supplements go to work gradually, supporting intestinal microbiota.

Probiotic supplements are ranked based on the number of colony-forming units (CFUs) in the formula. Each colony forming unit is a living bacterial colony. These colonies arrive in your intestinal tract, where they flourish and propagate. It sounds gross, but your body is filled with similar bacterial colonies.

Some of the best probiotic supplements contain 100 billion to 200 billion CFUs of probiotic bacteria. When BioFit contains 6 billion CFUs, it sounds like a lot – but some may offer double that but it’s on the low-end of quality compared to most probiotic supplements.

However, CFUs aren’t everything. You can also assess probiotics based on their diversity of strains and their other active ingredients.

BioFit contains 7 strains of probiotic bacteria, which means it could tackle digestive health in multiple ways.

BioFit also contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs, help your body absorb probiotics. They’re fatty compounds that boost the absorption of ingredients. Some studies show MCTs even help with weight loss, although they’re unlikely to help at the doses listed in BioFit.

BioFit Probiotic Reviews: Alarming Complaints or Weight Loss Pills That Work?

Scientific Evidence for BioFit

Probiotics are backed by substantial scientific evidence. A growing number of studies have confirmed the connection between probiotics, immunity, gut health, and weight loss.

However, it’s important to note that BioFit has not completed any clinical trials to verify its safety or efficacy, which is a very common occurrence given the all-natural formula. The manufacturer has not published any of its research online. Although they claim to have helped thousands of people achieve powerful benefits, there’s no real proof anyone has lost “72 pounds” just by taking BioFit.

Nevertheless, there is evidence that .

In this 2018 study published in Nutrients, researchers reviewed the evidence on probiotics and obesity. Researchers concluded that probiotics manipulate the gut microbiota and could potentially treat and prevent obesity. However, researchers cautioned that more studies are needed to verify these benefits, including studies that control diet, environmental factors, and lifestyle factors.

A similar study published one year later in the same journal found that poor probiotic levels in the gut could lead to energy issues and metabolism problems. By manipulating gut microbiota, you could boost energy and metabolism, potentially making probiotics useful for obesity.

In 2020, researchers gave participants probiotic supplements in a randomized controlled trial, then observed the weight loss benefits. Obese adults took Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria strains of probiotics (similar to the ones in BioFit). Participants did not change their diet or lifestyle. Researchers found significant differences in the probiotic group regarding weight loss, cholesterol, and other health effects over a six-month period. Researchers concluded that “six months supplementation with Lab4p probiotic resulted in significant weight reduction…”

BioFit also contains a small number of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are a type of fatty compound that your body can easily absorb (because of the medium-length chain). This 2008 study gave participants olive oil and MCT oil and then observed greater weight loss in the MCT oil group with no diet or exercise habits changes. BioFit does not contain the same dosage of MCT oil used in dedicated MCT oil supplements or studies. However, the MCT oil in BioFit could still support weight loss in various ways.

Although probiotics could work, . The supplement contains a higher dose than the average probiotic supplement (almost 6 billion CFUs per serving) and contains 7 specifically-engineered probiotics strains.

Ultimately, studies show probiotics could support weight loss in various ways. However, probiotics aren’t a magic diet pill. Despite the bold BioFit claim makers, you should not expect to lose 72 pounds while taking BioFit overnight. The only way to lose 72 pounds in a short period of time is to follow a strict diet and exercise routine, which the BioFit probiotic formula can work with in conjunction to a healthy nutritional plan and adequate exercise routines.

BioFit Pricing

BioFit is priced at $69 per bottle, although the price drops to $59 per bottle or $49 per bottle, depending on the quantity you order:

BioFit Probiotic Reviews: Alarming Complaints or Weight Loss Pills That Work?

Bonuses Included with BioFit

As part of a recent promotion, all BioFit purchases include three bonus products, including two eBooks and access to an online platform.

Bonus eBook #1: The Truth About Dieting: This eBook tells you how to lose a significant amount of weight in just a few days while continuing to eat all of your favorite foods. The eBook claims you can continue to eat ice cream, burgers, and other fatty foods while losing lots of weight.

Bonus eBook #2: Favorite Recipes: This eBook features recipes that quickly burn fat while satisfying cravings. You’ll discover healthy versions of ice cream, cake, pie, and other sweet treats.

Access to Private Members Area: After buying BioFit, you’ll receive a link to a private members area. The members’ area features meal plans, quick start guides, recipes, and more. You can access the member’s area from your phone or tablet.

BioFit Probiotic Reviews: Alarming Complaints or Weight Loss Pills That Work?

BioFit Refund Policy

There are so many high quality attributes about the . And to top it off, an incredible 180-day refund policy backs BioFit to where you can request a complete refund within a full six months of your original purchase date.

If you’re unhappy with the amount of weight you lost while taking BioFit, then you’re entitled to a complete refund. And to make it easier, this BioFit probiotic review wants to share and show just how easy it is for customers to request a refund and return the product should it not work for you.

When making a purchase of BioFit probiotic pills today, you are effectively using the highly-respected Clickbank platform as the medium. This secure, customer-centric merchant allows all users to apply for a hassle-free refund. Your bank statement will feature any transaction made via Clickbank under the tag CLKBANK*COM, and these ten steps are all you must do in order to :

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of Clickbank designated for customer care.
  • Step 2: Click on the option that reads ‘Order Lookup’.
  • Step 3: As you avail this option, you will have to fill in two identifiers. These include the email address and the Clickbank Order ID.
  • Just in case you do not have the BioFit probiotic supplement order ID, you can suffice by providing two significant details. These are the last four digits of the card that you used for payment and ZIP code affiliated with it.
  • Step 4: After entering the details, click on ‘Look up my Order’. An email will be directed to your registered email ID thereafter. This will have a confirmation code that needs to be provided in order to proceed ahead.
  • Step 5: Provide this verification code in the designated field.
  • Step 6: Click on ‘Go!’ and proceed ahead.
  • Step 7: The next page that you will be redirected to will have a ‘Get Support’ option.
  • Step 8: Following the above tab, you will get the ‘Request Refund’ option. Orders well within 60 days from the day of purchase are applicable for refund. Otherwise you won’t see the Request Refund option. In that case, you have to approach the vendor.
  • Step 9: Post this, you will be asked to choose a reason for refund via options given in the form of a dropdown menu. You can also provide relevant additional comments, if at all.
  • Step 10: Once done with all the formalities, just click on ‘Send’.

*Note: Typically you will get the refund in a single business day. However, in case where a physical commodity is to be returned, you can expect the initiation of refund in 19 days.

It is really that easy and is one of the most fair, honest and transparent refund policies you will find in the entire global weight loss supplement industry.

Who Created BioFit?

BioFit was created by a company named Nature’s Formulas, which founder Chrissie Miller leads.

BioFit Probiotic Reviews: Alarming Complaints or Weight Loss Pills That Work?

Natures Formulas makes a small number of supplements, including Sight Care, Fiber Fit, and Curcumin180.

Nature’s Formulas About Us page provides limited information about its manufacturing location, medical certifications, or ingredient sources. In fact, “Chrissie Miller” appears to be a pseudonym, and we can’t find any medical doctors or nutritional supplement specialists with that name online.

You can contact BioFit via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-800-266-0373
  • Mailing Address: 37 Inverness Drive E, Suite 100, Englewood, CO 80112

Avoiding Cheap BioFit Probiotic Pills and Fake Scams Online

The biggest, most alarming complaint about BioFit probiotic supplementation is the fake that there are nefarious vendors acting like they represent and sell the Nature’s Formulas product. This is a bold face lie and should be avoided at all costs. Chrissie Miller and the Nature’s Formula creators are very adamant about the only real place to buy fully-tested and .

Even the BioFit probiotic listings are fraudulent and do not offer the money back guarantee of 180-days from the date of purchase. So not only is it likely that these fake BioFit scams contain inferior ingredients, but they are often riddled with side effects and have undergone no third-party tests. The real BioFit weight loss pills that work contain no harmful additives, are formulated by a strict non-GMO commitment and are allergen-free. The company puts each batch of BioFit probiotics through rigorous independent third party testing to ensure the purity and potency of each pill that it will have no fillers, binders, artificial flavors or chemical additives as well. So be a smart and savvy shopper today and .

Final Word

BioFit is a high-end probiotic supplement that leverages seven clinically-researched strains to help you lose a significant amount of weight naturally.

Given all of the Covid-19 craze in the past year, and knowing that probiotic supplements can indeed support weight loss among improving immunity, dealing with digestive disturbances and healing the gut microbiome, it is not hard to realize why this is the top selling, most recommended weight loss probiotic pill on the market in 2021. Studies show that taking probiotic supplements for six months can lead to weight loss with no changes to your diet or exercise habits.

The best part is, BioFit is not much more expensive than any competing probiotic sold online or in stores today – despite having a higher-than-average dosages. This is not like a $10 probiotic supplement sold online at a huge markup that you will find floating around the $24 billion annual supplement industry online.

We know from extensive scientific research that healthy bacteria are essential to the health of our guts. We also know that this bodily system is a major contributor to overall health in a variety of different ways. In particular, a high-functioning gut and intestinal system can help people to lose weight faster and more effectively. Losing weight too quickly can have disastrous health consequences. The key to sustainable weight loss is to combine supplementation with consistent, traditional weight loss efforts, such as working out and eating right.

The available evidence suggests that the key healthy bacteria strains contained in BioFit might help some eligible consumers lose more weight than they would on their own. Results will certainly vary from person to person, but this is often the case with probiotic supplements. Consult your doctor before trying BioFit.

, where a generous refund policy backs it, along with three free bonuses and over 30,000 successful users of the best probiotic weight loss pill in 2021.