Better Health – Exercise, Rest and Water

Better health is what you should aim for. Our hectic daily routine often drains the stamina of our body. To avoid it, you need to do something to make the body fitter and fresher, one of them is sports. Exercise like jogging and walking increase our endurance, especially for the muscles. In addition, it is the cheapest and easiest sport to do. Slower movements will improve our stamina, but make sure that the speed is as consistent as possible.

Train yourself by going for a 30 minute jog or cycling outdoors. Morning and afternoon are the perfect time to do these activities. Furthermore, outdoor sport brings fresher atmosphere than indoor, especially the oxygen that we take. More oxygen in the body means more heat in the organs that could work to increase the production of energy. And as you know, one thing leads to another.

However, if for some reasons you can not do it outdoor, you can work out in a gym, fitness club or your own home. Nowadays, fitness club or gym is equipped with fancy tools and machine to help us train, such as treadmill, bench press, static bike, and etc. Those gears can burn more calories and faster, especially if you have a personal trainer to guide you through. You will get better health by using those equipments.

To gain a better health, you will also need enough rest. If you keep on working without taking a break, your body will be prone to diseases. Your body uses resting time to regenerate new cells to substitute the old one and build the immune system. So, you can imagine what will happen if you do not have enough sleeping. It is better if you have eight hours sleep every day.

One thing that you should not forget is drinking water. Do not forget to drink because one of the causes of body fatigue is due to lack of body fluids. The result, the blood will coagulate and becomes slow. It took longer time for cells to obtain oxygen, which certainly makes the stamina to be reduced. Drinking pure water every day will also minimize the risk of kidney disease or urinary problems. So, even though there are many tasty drinks, you should not forget about water for better health.