Best Healthy Diet foods for prevention of Liver Disease

Liver is a organ which is located in the upper right-hand portion of the abdominal cavity. The shape of a liver is like a coin and weight of this organ is around 1.2 kg. Healthy liver diet is very essential for the prevention of Liver diseases as this is the only which performs more than 500 functions including providing security against infection, Most of the important proteins in a body like cholesterol are manufactured by liver, It clear out the blood of most drugs, alcohol and chemicals, It stores and converts glucose in a form of glycogen. It is the only organ which can repair itself due to which transplanted livers work well after transplantation.

Diet for healthy liver is very necessary for the proper work of liver and the healthy liver food includes orange juice, mixture of papaya seeds, Indian aloe, mixture of carrot and spinach juice etc. Best healthy diet will result in the excellent functioning of liver.

Any disability in the functioning of liver can cause liver disease which is also referred as hepatic disease. Many times patient can identify the disease by their symptoms but in some major cases it becomes impossible to find out the causes of disease. Some common symptoms to identify the liver diseases are jaundice in which color of the skin turns into a yellow color, Sudden loss in weight, continuous vomiting and weakness. In mostly cases liver recovers itself in a few days or in a couple of weeks but in case of a major problem sometimes liver stops working and transplantation of liver in that case is needed to save the life of a person. Damaged liver can lead someone life to death. So it is very much important to get details and ensure about the hospital and doctor before going for the treatment. A trusted and skilled doctor can help perfectly in getting a new life to those who has lost their hope. For liver transplantation there are many hospitals facilitating to recover the patient from any kind of liver diseases.

Several doctors are there across the world dealing with the treatment of liver cancers & diseases Dr. A.S Soin is one of them very well known, specialized and experienced surgeon recognized in the whole world for conducting liver transplantation in India. Liver transplant center at sir Ganga ram hospital was established by him and now he is working in medanta with his entire team which is a well known hospital located in Gurgaon. Dr Soin with his entire team performs around 22-25 liver transplants every month. He is a speaker and a faculty member of many liver transplantation centers and give medical expert advices to those who want to save their life.