Benefits of Skipping

November 27, 2016 Off By Dante Filyaw

skip-hop have produced skipping workout and skipping workshops programs, carefully designed to improve your levels of fitness, agility, coordination and general health. If you think about it, can it be a coincidence that almost all professional sportsmen and women use skipping as part of their daily workout routine.

Physical benefits of skipping

Skipping will help improve cardio-respiratory (heart and lungs) fitness (or stamina), flexibility, co-ordination, balance, rhythm and symmetry. It is both aerobic and anaerobic. It can be a high-impact exercise and is therefore an extremely efficient way of building bones and toning thighs, hips, calves and gluteus maximus (bottom). Jumping increases levels of calcium, thus helping to prevent osteoporosis. The Osteoporosis Society recommends 2 to 5 minutes of skipping every day to help prevent osteoporosis. For more information regarding skipping and osteoporosis visit the skip-hop website

Mental benefits of skipping

A high level of coordination is needed to be able to skip to a reasonable level. To skip for a continuous period without stopping requires cross-lateral ambi-dexterity and a very high level of fitness. Both sides of the brain, both sides of the body. So, as you will read, statistically, skipping burns twice as many calories as walking. But equally important is the fact that it is a serious laugh. It makes you feel like a young kid again. I defy any one to start skipping without spontaneously breaking into a smile. For more information regarding skipping health benefits for the brain visit the skip-hop website

What are the benefits of skipping over jogging or running?

Unlike running or jogging, where the arms move sympathetically to the the rest of your body and have no need to be clenched, extended or retracted, skipping is approximately 40% upper body and 60% lower body activity. By introducing your arms, you are engaging biceps, triceps, deltoids, chest and almost all the muscles in the upper body as well as the obvious muscle groups associated with the legs. The benefit is low impact on knees, hips and ankles and a more noticeable impact on lungs, heart and muscles. By introducing any of the hundreds of different skipping tricks, ie pretzels, crossovers, side-swings etc, almost all the other muscle groups are automatically and instantly engaged, thus producing the benefits of an all-over workout.

Is Skipping Hi or Lo impact?

Skipping can, of course, be regarded as a high-impact exercise but when executed correctly, should be more medium to lo-impact. The better you become at skipping, the more economical your movements will be. But do not be fooled! Moving your arms less does not make it any easier to sustain a constant skip. It simply means you are beginning to utilise the correct muscles.The key is to jump very low, just enough for the rope to travel under the feet. For a straightforward skip, this means minimizing the movement of the arms and to make the pivotal point the wrist. By doing this, the arms and shoulders are given the benefits of a severe workout simply by clenching the muscles in order to turn the wrists, simultaneously keeping your arms in exactly the right place.

Skipping to burn Calorie

Skipping burns calories / energy. It develops a more efficient energy system, benefits which will allow the body to burn off more fat and calories when engaging in other forms of exercise. Professional footballers, boxers, swimmers, skiers, tennis players, martial artists, rugby players and many more, enjoy the benefits of skipping as part of their daily workout routine to improve stamina, footwork skills muscle tone and to lose weight. Skipping is also a great protector against Childhood obesity.

Skipping Benefits – The Stats

Calories burnt during a skipping workout

slow 60 – 80 turns a minute per 10 minute session

70 kcal for women 100 kcal for a man

fast 80 – 120 turns a minute per 10 minute session

110 kcal for women 150 kcal for a man

These are approximations as many factors have to be taken into account: weight of person exercising and exertion level.

Skipping at a call is free . 120 turns of a minute would be around the SAME color : as running at 6 miles per hour.

Summary: Burn Rate

Depending on your weight and exertion level you'll burn between 70-110 extra calories in a ten minute skipping exercise session.

1 hour of skipping, at speed would result in a loss of between 600 and 900 calories. WOW! But believe me, that is one incredible workout.