Basic Blogging and Article Writing for Personal Trainers – Top 7 Tips

Basic Blogging and Article Writing for Personal Trainers – Top 7 Tips

The more prevalent that the internet becomes in publicising a personal training business, the more of an essential skill it becomes when someone starts a personal training business. Writing articles and blog posts can be some of the most cost effective ways and efficient ways to drive traffic towards your website.

Some of the advantages could be that it costs nothing to get started, it can provide good link juice to your websites, you can optimise with keywords relevant to personal training and more specifically your personal training niche. Couple this with the fact that a good article website usually gets high traffic and has an option for other people to use your content on there site with the condition that they include a link back to your site.

Some disadvantages could be that it does take a considerable time and commitment to write the required amount of articles, its a long term strategy meaning there is no quick cash here and there is also the creative concern, how do you keep coming up with quality articles?

Here are my top ten tips on writing articles and blog posts

1. Commit to writing 3 times a week. Accept it is going to take time and build your articles and blogs up gradually. The more articles and blog post with a link back to your page, the more your traffic and clicks will accumulate

2. Every time a Personal Training client asks you a question, make it into a blog post or article. You can also expand on each question e.g if a client asks you “how do I lose weight?” You could write about “how to lose weight” and another on “how to lose weight over 40” or “How to lose weight when you gain easily” etc.

3. Use your Articles and use them for inspiration for your blog posts, this saves time

4. Keep your articles to 400 words, keep your paragraphs short and easy to read and keep your style easy to read and relaxed.

5. Have your keywords in your article title wherever possible and in the text of the article, don’t over do it once every 100 words should do

6. Don’t forget to input your keywords, make sure they are relevant to your article and your niche

7. Always include a link to your site, remember the reason why we write articles and blog posts, its not to win journalistic awards but to drive traffic to your webpage and demonstrate your expertise

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