Bali Safari Park welcomes healthy baby Komodo dragons

Sixteen infant Komodo dragons hatched at the Bali Safari Park in Gianyar previously this month and are under close supervision of the facility’s veterinary crew. 

In an announcement yesterday, the park claimed that this satisfied occasion is the first time the species has been obviously bred on the Island of Gods.

Whilst we cannot really congratulate their mother (in circumstance you do not know, Komodo dragons consume their hatchlings when they have the chance), it is essentially good information considering that the reptiles are classified as an endangered species. 

“The hatchling Komodo [dragons] are in very good health and [they’re] energetic,” mentioned Yohana Kusumaningtyas, a vet at Bali Safari Park.

Yohana additional that the toddler Komodo dragons are currently being fed twice a week. Every single hatchling receives nutritional parts primarily based on their human body bodyweight, which is scaled weekly.

According to Bali Safari Park zoo curator’s assistant Ida Ayu Ari Janiawati, the newborn Komodo dragons came out from the nests on March 1. In complete, the Bali Safari Park at the moment has 24 Komodo dragons.

“This is a profitable pure breeding of Komodo [dragons] and the 1st of this kind of incidents in Bali,” she said, introducing that the park hopes the hatchlings will expand into healthy older people.

As formerly noted, the Komodo dragon is now mentioned as “endangered” by the Worldwide Union for Conservation of Character (IUCN), as the species deal with increasing threats from the impacts of climate alter. 

The most important residing lizards on earth are native to Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Flores Island, and Padar Island. 

Two many years back, a image went viral displaying a Komodo dragon staring down a truck all through the development of a so-identified as “Jurassic Park” undertaking in Rinca Island. Spearheaded by the Indonesian govt, the project has been criticized for its likely harm to the environment.