With the arrival of a little member in your family, it’s a completely joyous and exciting atmosphere in your house. With this, comes the responsibility of taking care of your baby and that’s many a times stressful, especially, if you are a first time parent. Well, making your responsibilities simpler and helping you have the best baby care is what this article will help you in. Let’s know about some important new born baby care tips.

Baby Care Basics

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Daily Baby Care
•This is the most important thing you need to do, maintaining extreme personal hygiene. Also keeping your house, especially the baby room and the baby bedding clean is very important.
•Keeping all the toys and baby clothes clean is one of the important baby care tips. Make sure that you do not use a strong fragrant detergent, that might lead to an allergic reaction in the baby. One of the tips for baby skin care is not to use baby powder or a talcum powder, this is known to be unsafe for your baby’s skin. You can use a baby oil for his/ her skin, especially for the baby’s dry scalp.
•While you start bathing your baby in a tub, make sure that you never leave him/ her alone in the tub. Also, as soon as you finish bathing your baby, dry off quickly.
•Change your baby’s diapers frequently or as soon as they get wet. Also, give your baby a few diaper free hours. In case of diaper rash, using a natural ointment and trying a new diaper brand are best diaper rash cures.
•Your baby’s fingernails must be clipped from time to time with utmost care using a baby nail clipper so that he/ she doesn’t scratch the skin or eyes. Also covering the hands with small socks is a good way to help avoid scratching.
•Dress up your baby in loose and comfortable clothing, preferably in cotton fabrics. Keep it minimal in the hot summers. Read more on organic baby clothes.
Baby Sleeping Care
•Babies love vibration, so have a baby seat that vibrates or a bassinet, cradle or crib that will help your baby fall asleep faster. Remember that your baby’s bedding must not be in your bed, it must be separate and essentially near your bed. Good sleep is essential for their growth and development.
•One of the baby care tips is that you must always put your baby to sleep on his/ her back. This is an essential precaution to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Also do not place any additional soft objects, soft toys, loose bedding, pillows in the crib, cradle, or bassinet.
•Remember to keep the room temperature between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit to help your baby have an uninterrupted sleep. Do not over dress or cover with too many sheets. A single sheet with maintained temperature is just enough.
•Remember, not to force your baby to sleep. A dark, calm room is a perfect atmosphere for promoting your baby’s sleep. Learn how to swaddle a baby.
Baby Feeding Care
•Let me tell you that one of the basic baby care tips is to forget the feeding schedules. If you try to follow any such baby feeding schedule, your baby might overeat or stay hungry! Feed your baby when he/she wants to eat, else your newborn is sure to get cranky.
•You must breastfeed your newborn at least 8-10 times a day. You can feed after every 2-3 hours, but do not force. Also, in case your baby cries, try feeding even if you have just fed an hour back.
•If you are feeding baby formula too and that upsets his/ her stomach, consult a pediatrician. Do check the temperature of the milk while bottle feeding your baby. Do not supplement the milk with juice, water, or other baby food until your baby is at least 4-5 months old. Learn more on sterilizing baby bottles in the right way.
•While introducing solids to a breastfed baby, you need to be slow and add one new food at a time.