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California Los Angeles County Preemptory Writ Mandate Driver's License Suspended Chemical Test Refusal Blood Test Lawyers Attorney

JEAN EDWARD CARREY, Plaintiff and Respondent, v. DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES, Defendant and Appellant
Court of Appeal of California, Second Appellate District, Division Two
July 31, 1986

On October 21, 1984 Carrey, the respondent was arrested for the felony offenses of drunk driving and hit and run. He was advised of the “implied consent” law, Vehicle Code section 13353 (now section 23157). The respondent had requested the blood test and was asked to sign the hospital’s “Consent to Blood Test” form. After reading this form, Carrey refused to sign that form because he was taking some medicines that could affect his bleeding. He was asked to take a breath test or urine test but he continued to insist on a blood test. Subsequently the DMV issued an order of suspension to Carrey. Later the respondent had filed a petition for administrative mandamus in the superior court to which the DMV responded. The superior court issued the writ of mandate forbidding the DMV from suspending Carrey’s driving privilege. This appeal by DMV followed.


Whether respondent’s refusal to sign the medical consent form was the pragmatic equivalent of a refusal to consent to the procedure involved?

Whether the lower court had erred in issuing the writ of mandate forbidding the DMV from suspending the respondent’s driving privilege?


This court held that if the driver refuses to complete one of the three tests, his driving privilege is subject to suspension. There is a strong public policy against the nightmare of drunk driving. Thus, the implied consent law should be liberally construed to effect its purpose, which is to swiftly and accurately identify drunk drivers. Consequently, the driver should clearly and unambiguously manifest the consent required by the law. Consent which is not clear and unambiguous may be deemed a refusal. The determinative factor as to whether there is a refusal is not the arrestee’s subjective state of mind, but rather the objective, fair meaning to be distilled from his words and conduct. In the case at bench, The respondent reviewed the form entitled “Consent to Blood Test” and stated he would not sign it The crux of the form is an acknowledgement that the driver has been advised of his choice of tests and that he is not physically incapable of taking the test. The form represents a sensible precaution from the hospital’s standpoint and imposes no significant additional onus on the driver. This court held that Section 13353 (e) c.v.c. grants the driver an exemption from the blood test because he is using an anticoagulant, however does not make the driver ineligible if he wishes to take a blood test. Hence, Carrey’s refusal to sign the medical consent form was the pragmatic equivalent of a refusal to consent to the procedure involved.

This court held that at that juncture, it was incumbent upon Carrey to select and submit to one of the remaining chemical tests as had been requested by the arresting officer. The respondent refused to submit to, or failed to complete, a chemical test of his blood, breath, or urine after being requested to do so by the officer. Hence this court held that the DMV properly revoked the respondent’s driver’s license.


This court reverses the judgment granting respondent driver’s petition for a peremptory writ of mandate because respondent’s statement that he would not sign the hospital’s consent to a blood test and respondent’s refusal to submit to a urine or breath test constituted a refusal to submit to a chemical test for intoxication and respondent’s driving privileges were properly         suspended.


These summaries are provided by the SRIS Law Group.  They represent the firm’s unofficial views of the Justices’ opinions.  The original opinions should be consulted for their authoritative content

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Why Use Natural Remedies?

People turn to natural remedies, also known as home remedies or natural cures, for their ailments because these treatments are made with natural ingredients like herbs, fruits and vegetables, ingredients that are readily found in any home. Home remedies do not use harsh chemicals, are inexpensive, and usually do not produce any side effects. People also enjoy making something useful to use instead of paying for expensive over-the-counter drugs that can have dangerous side effects.

Humans through out history have relied on natural remedies before the invention or modern medicine and synthetic drugs. Most common ailments have known treatments with ingredients found in your own kitchen.

Research has discovered thousands of healing nutrients in the foods that we eat every day. Clinical researchers at leading universities have found that the naturally occurring properties in foods have the healing powers to cure common ailments, with minimal risk of side effects, and without paying the enormous cost of prescription drugs. Home remedies work quickly and safely and is generally effective for people who use them.

In order to make your own home remedies from your home all you need is the knowledge of what to use, the proper ingredients and someone to show or tell you how to prepare the natural remedies. You will found many books written on the subject and many websites with some well known natural cures.

Herbs, spices and fresh foods can be effective in treating most ailments ranging from minor pains to infections. Expensive antibiotics are widely used today, even for conditions that can usually be cured with natural remedies. These antibiotics are usually effective by killing the offending bacteria.  Unfortunately, they also kill friendly or beneficial flora and fauna, causing the body to take longer to recover than otherwise necessary had the antibiotics not been used. Natural remedies are usually effective for treating minor infections, and at the same time, strengthen the body’s immune system to better fend of other ailments, such as hair loss, acne breakouts, dandruff, and promote healing and mending of aches, pains, wounds and burns.

You can use home remedies to make your own mouthwash and rinse your teeth to prevent cavities and common gum disease. You can make a home remedy to cure digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation or indigestion. Use a home remedy to relieve cough, or to speed recover from the flu. Make a natural gargle that calms or soothes sore throats. You can even mix natural throat spray that can be used for the treatment of asthma.

Natural remedies are not only effective to treat ailments when used internally, but can also be used as a cleanser to treat outward skin conditions such as acne and wrinkles. Use natural remedies to help make age spots disappear, or formulate your our cure to reduce varicose veins or stretch marks. Make your own natural antiseptic spray to help eliminate the dermatitis or kill bacteria from cuts and scratches to prevent infections or heal blisters.

As you research a natural cure for your particular ailment, you will see that there are many proven home remedies to cure many common ailments. Experiment with different natural remedies to find the ones that work best for your condition. You don’t need to only rely on drugs that are potentially damaging for your body and can cost you a lot of money to treat all your ailments when home remedies using natural herbs, spices and foods are all around you right at your home kitchen that saves you money and is good for your body.…

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Pennsylvania CNA Information – Requirements, Salary, Training, Renewal and Reciprocity

Certified Nursing Assistants are highly needed throughout the State. To be included in state's nurse aide registry, one must follow the regulations set by Pennsylvania Department of Health Nurse Aide Registry. There are many work opportunities awaiting for those qualified CNAs who wish to work in Pennsylvania.

Requirements to work as a CNA in Pennsylvania

  • Has an active CNA certification
  • A good standing employment record
  • Good record during criminal background check
  • Physically equipped

Salary Average for Certified Nursing Assistant in Pennsylvania

  • Between $ 21,000 to $ 33,000
  • $ 8.65 – $ 10.87 per hour typically (Hourly rate will increase by experience)

Training program criteria in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania CNA training program must have at least 120 hours or more both classroom and clinical training. Some state – approved training programs may differ when it comes to number of hours in classroom and practical training.

Renewing Certification in the State of Pennsylvania

To renew CNA Certification in Pennsylvania:

(1) A pre-printed re-certification form will be mailed out to the CNA 2- 3 months prior to your expiration date. If you still do not receive any notice, you may obtain renewal form by contacting Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry or visiting the State Registry's website.
(2) Requirement for renewal is that you must have worked and be paid for at least 8 hours for any nursing or nursing related duties in the past 2 years.
(3) Completed form with required documents and fees must be mailed to the address indicated in the form.

To renew Expired CNA Certification in Pennsylvania:

(1) Contact Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry.
(2) If registry provide form, completed form with required documents and fees must be mailed to the address indicated in the form.

Applying for Reciprocity in Pennsylvania

If an approved CNA moves to Pennsylvania from their home state, applicant must contact Pennsylvania registry to obtain reciprocity form. He or She must have current and active certification and be listed good standing in his or her home state. Completed form with required documents and fees must be mailed to the address indicated in the form.

State Contact Information for CNA Certifications
For more detailed information contact them at:
Division of Nursing Care Facilities

Room 526, Health & Welfare Building
625 Forster Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Toll Free #: 800-852-0518
Phone #: 717-787-1816

Pennsylvania Department of Health Nurse Aide Registry

Managed by Pearson VUE
PO Box 13785
Philadelphia, PA 19101-3785
Toll Free #: (800) 852-0518

Lackawanna College – Continuing Education
Main Campus – Scranton

Scranton, Pennsylvania

  • Cost is $ 2595 plus books and fees
  • Consist 200 hours of classroom and clinical training.

Schuylkill Technology Center

Mar Lin PA

  • Cost is $ 1250 (Includes book, CPR certification, pin, & fee for state examination)
  • Consist 140 hours of classroom and clinical training.
  • Five to Eleven Weeks of Training

Beaver County Career and Technology Center

Monaca, PA 15061

  • Costs is $ 515
  • Consist 135 hours of classroom (85) and clinical (50) training

Steel Center Area Vocational Technical School

Jefferson Hills, PA

  • Cost is $ 600
  • Consist 150 hours of classroom and clinical training
  • Nine weeks of training

Northampton Community College

Bethlehem, PA

  • Cost is $ 900
  • Consist 128 hours of classroom and clinical training

Sun Area Technical Institute

New Berlin, PA

  • Cost is $ 852 includes tuition, textbooks and state exam fee
  • Consist 150 hours of classroom (100) and clinical (50) training.
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Pumping Iron: The Art of Body Building

While people have always had a concept of beauty, that concept has changed throughout the years. Obese women were once the epitome of sexy because extra weight was a sign of health and hinted at their abilities to bear many children. Tanning booths may be popular now, but paleness was once the most desirable skin tone, as it meant the individual had the luxury of remaining inside, unneeded in the fields.

Until the end of the 19th century, muscles were not really a focal point of attraction; consequently, men and women did not pay much attention to weight training. However, audiences slowly began to appreciate the physique of men during strength demonstrations and wrestling matches, giving birth to the art of body building.

The goal of body building has always been to achieve some physical ideal. In the early years, the Grecian ideal reigned supreme; men crafted their bodies according to the proportions of ancient Roman and Greek statues. Modern bodybuilders aim for muscle development far beyond that of Adonis. The largest, most distinct muscles are the most aesthetically pleasing, and bodybuilders do everything in their power to accentuate their cuts, from tanning and lighting to applying oils and lotions. However, while both the definition of beauty and the ultimate goal of body building have changed, the process of achieving results has remained consistent: nutrition, training and rest.

The Three Steps

Nutrition is integral to any fitness regime, but especially to body building. Without a specialized diet, bodybuilders are unable to grow and repair muscle; they require more calories and more protein. Bodybuilders consumer certain carbohydrates to fuel their bodies, and ingest large amounts of protein to build muscle. Body building athletes should aim at getting almost 30 percent of their calories from protein; while carbohydrates stimulate muscle synthesis, without protein, the body lacks the materials with which to synthesize.

While nutrition provides the building blocks, weight training provides the imagination. Strength training with free weights or elastic resistance results in rapid muscle growth. However, what many people fail to realize is that muscle growth results due to the damage caused by weight training.

When lifting, bodybuilders tear their muscles; these microtraumas are felt as general soreness, called delayed onset muscle soreness. When the body repairs these tears, it goes above and beyond the call of duty, furthering the development of the muscles. Body building, in essence, is a violent sport, and brings a literal connotation to the idea of no pain, no gain.

Rest is the often ignored component of body building. Without rest, muscle growth cannot occur, since muscle development happens during the repairing process, the body must have downtime in order to focus on this work. Without rest, muscles cannot recover; a bodybuilder must plan both gym time for muscle stimulation, and rest for muscle growth. Sleep is a huge factor. Eight hours of sleep per night is essential, and daytime naps help to further increase the body’s potential for muscle growth.…

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Top 10 Best Hospitals and What Makes Them Great

A recent survey by U.S. News and World Report ranks the top hospitals in the United States. The 2009 rankings are based on several factors, including the hospital’s mortality index: How good are they at keeping their patients alive? Obviously, patients are very interested in that statistic; but health insurers also want to know when they are determining which hospitals to include in their network. Hospitals included in major health insurance companies’ plans will see more customers and revenue than those out-of-network. A positive reputation among doctors is greatly coveted and also plays a large role in a hospital’s rank, since medical professionals are presumably more knowledgeable and better able to judge their quality. Other elements of a high-quality hospital are the availability of advanced medical technology, its experience in certain specialties, the quality and ratio of nursing staff, and other patient services. Finally, top hospitals take great care to keep their patients as safe as possible. After all, nobody–especially an insurer–wants to pay to fix another hospital’s mistakes.

So which hospitals are the best in America, and why? For one thing, they are renowned for their practices in at least six specialties, making them national destinations for quality health care. They are also renowned for their success in dealing with a large volume of complex medical conditions. Many top hospitals are centered in the Northeast, maybe because the region has long been a hub of educatio n and industry innovation. However, there are also highly ranked hospitals in the Midwest, South, and along the West Coast. If health insurance companies are willing to pay for an expensive treatment, they would prefer to reduce the risk by going to one of these well-renowned facilities.

  1. Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Marylandhas been #1 on this list for nearly two decades, and with good reason. U.S. News gave their ear, nose and throat and urology departments perfect scores of 100.00, and the neurology and neurosurgery department received a nearly flawless 98.4%. In addition, its cancer unit is third-best in the country.
  2. The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota is known worldwide and has become a reliable brand in the field of health knowledge. Its most successful programs are those in Diabetes and endocrine disorders, digestive disorders, neurology and neurosurgery, and orthopedics; all of which ranked #1 on the U.S. News list. Mayo Clinic was also #1 hospital on their inaugural Best Hospitals list in 1990.
  3. California makes its highest entry on the Best Hospitals list with Los Angeles’ Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. The city’s sunny climate probably attracts a large population of retirees, and the #1 geriatric care unit in the nation is well-equipped to treat them. Other top 5 specialties include psychiatry, rheumatology, ophthamology (through its Jules Stein Eye Institute), and digestive disorders.
  4. Cleveland Clinic, based in Ohio but with outposts across the U.S., has the top heart and heart surgery department in the country. That’s especially impressive because heart surgery is one of the most complicated and dangerous procedures in medicine. It’s also well-respected for its work in urology, digestive disorders, and rheumatology.
  5. Boston‘s Massachusetts General Hospital is #1 in psychiatry and #2 in diabetes and endocrine disorders. The former rank is based on the hospital’s reputation of treating mental health disorders, since only a small fraction of patients die as a direct result of psychiatric treatment. However, mental health can interact with and interfere with the treatment of physical health issues, and effective treatment has a great impact on patients’ quality of life.
  6. New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell in New York City tied with Massachusetts General in its reputation for treating psychiatry patients. The majority of Presbyterian’s specialties are solidly ranked in the top 10 of American hospitals by U.S. News.
  7. The University of California San Francisco Medical Center is highlighted for its success in gynecology (#5 rank), as well as in diabetes and endocrine disorders and neurology and neurosurgery.
  8. Located in Philadelphia, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is top ten in treating respiratory disorders; ear, nose, and throat; and heart surgery.
  9. In St. Louis, Missouri, Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University is renowned for its treatment of kidney
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Leadership & Management For The Health Care Industry

The contemporary health care industry is making substantial efforts to deliver quality care and increasing credentials driven by competition among the organizations. The main objective is to deliver effective health care service proposes to build the management and leadership capacity of health care managers and practitioners. There are many criteria taken into consideration for managing health care organization, such as:

Legislative role: The political & social factors influence on the productivity & accessibility of the health services. Higher medical costs reduces the utilization of services. Private insurance companies restraints from providing more benefits,& also increase premium rates. Non-insurers find difficulty to meet the expenses, & would be deprived of tertiary health care services. Private stake -holders expect profits from their investments, find hard to pay salaries to doctors & nurses, & ultimately derogate to invest in health industry. In such situations, managers or hospital administrators organise for public awareness camps, free consultation programs, special discount offers on investigative procedures, etc to attract customers/ patients.

Science & Technology: Involvement of technology & varied branches of science,such as, toxicology,bio-medical research bio-instrumentation, bio-materials, genetics, rehabilitation engineering, nutrition & diet, & others have accelerated the procedure of the diagnosis & treatment providing quality to life. Medical informatics provide services in various areas, such as, knowledge management, guidance on best practices, education of professionals, & the public,& the use of new communication & computer technologies. Electronic medical record services helps for easy creation, storage, retrieval & research of medical data. It proves remarkable advantage for telemedicine & medical tourism industry. Therefore analysis of outcome measures in comparison to knowledge & technology should prove cost-effective & efficient.

Organization structure: Operating standard equipments, sanitation, hygiene, availability of emergency & safety measures are essential components of hospital. The emerging science of quality management, such as, registered national hospital accreditation certificate, & international accreditation certification (JCAHO, JCI) has occupied the place of pride in hospitals. Six sigma approach for improving methodology, reducing variability & waste, giving greater patient satisfaction rates are highlighted for success.

Managing organization: Hospital administrator have to manage the hospital staff with varied behavioural & educational status.The dangers outcomes of strikes, facing contradictions of union leaders are the major risks involved. Relationship (transformational) leadership motivates & inspires the staff members to see the importance & rate value to the task. Participative leadership works best in circumstances of disasters, outbreaks of epidemics, etc.

Internet & social media: The easy availability of information & knowledge from various intelligent resources has rationally mandated issues, in case of medical negligence, malpractices, illegal procedures,& given power to redress the grievances of our citizens. Therefore, customer feedback reports helps gain goodwill & increase credentials of an organization.

The challenging role of hospital administrator deliberately attempts to make strategies,that principally devotes benefits of health care service to everyone.…

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The Best Cure For Cancer is a Natural Treatment

This is such a strong claim, you may say but allow me to show you the difference. Let us say, you have acquired a certain type of cancer and you are given two treatment options: natural treatment or the popular mainstream method. Which would you choose given the following scenarios?

Treatment for Cancer the Mainstream Way

o High cost for treatments
o Exposure of the body to chemicals and radiations that would definitely destroy other body's functions and affects adjacent tissues and organs.
o Subjection to treatments that will bring a lot of side effects that would make you feel a lot of discomfort such as vomiting, hair loss, kidney failure, liver failure, impotence, and a lot more.
o The possible occurrence of another different type of the disease due to the use of such medications or treatments.
o Uncertainties of the possibility that the disease will be treated after all the treatments have been done.
o Trying methods that have been proven recently to be ineffective.

Treatment for Cancer the Natural Way

o Minimal cost for treatment
o Can be done on your own or with the assistance of your family at your home
o Treatments that will make you improve your overall physical being by leading you to a healthy lifestyle like getting into a healthy diet, getting enough sun, having regular exercise, getting enough sleep, drinking a lot of water, and avoiding getting stressed.
o Will make you feel a lot better totally, your immune system will be strengthened
o No side effects
o Eliminating the possibility of another occurrence of cancer because the treatment did not only focus at the cancer at hand but also entails other probabilities

So, which treatment would you choose? Now you know why I said that the best cure for cancer is natural treatment. …

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Orange County Mac Tech

Orange County Mac Tech


I can provide a number of service for your Mac computer! I come to you, 24/7. I respond anywhere in the OC and south LA.

A few of my services include:

  • Date Recovery
  • Home & Small Business Networking
  • New System Setup
  • Formatting Partitioning and Upgrading
  • Mac Tutorials
  • Program Troubleshooting
  • Server Deployment
  • Account Management
  • Startup Issues
  • File Management
  • General Troubleshooting
  • And Much More

What ever you need done I can do! Whether you’re an individual user or have a small business. I have over 10 years of computer troubleshooting experience under my belt and can fix just about any problem. I am quick, efficient, and I make sure I get the job done right the first time. If for some reason I cannot fix your problem I charge you nothing. I also possess three Apple Certifications listed at the bottom of the page so I provide better and more knowledgeable service. Please visit my web site at for more information on prices, services, and about me.

I just entered into the mobile computer repair business and am very egar to work with you. If you or anyone you know who are having problems with their Mac, interested in learning more, or need help setting up their small business with Macs please call me at 714-600-8818. I can usually respond the same day, and will be sure to get to you if your having some sort of computer emergency.

*if you need data recovery services, ie you accidentely deleted something please do not do anything to your computer, do not save or download anything, if you do anything the chances of retreiving the information is very slim*

Call me today and hire your own Certified Macintosh Professional!

I look forward to working with you!

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CA Health Insurance Companies Pay Fine for Rescinding Health Insurance Policies

Health plan participants have the extra support of legal prosecutors if their health plan providers rescind their policies as a result of illness, thanks to a recent court decision. California health companies have already had to pay more than $13 million in fines to regulators as a result of having rescinded health policies for sick patience.

Health companies may have hoped that the fines would make the scrutiny over their practices go away, but, instead, legal experts expect the scrutiny to continue. The California state Court of Appeal ruled in December 2009 that prosecutors would be permitted to sue health insurance companies over the insurance companies treat consumers and their members.

The recent legal ruling is a result of a lawsuit against health giant Anthem Blue Cross of California. Prosecutors argued that Anthem violated state law by selling health plan members the promise of health insurance, but then later rescinding the health coverage after health insurance plan policy holders submitted their claims for medical care.

After the lawsuit was filed, Anthem Blue Cross argued that the company’s practice of rescinding health coverage fell under the jurisdiction of the California state Department of Managed Health Care; not the Los Angeles city attorney’s office. The city’s attorney’s office filed the lawsuit in 2008. Anthem Blue Shield and the state agency filed paperwork defending Blue Cross. Blue Shield is a competitor of Blue Cross of California and faces a similar law suit by the city’s attorney.

In response to Blue Cross’s argument, the appellate court said that the law was “unambiguous” and gave the city attorney the right to sue the insurance company. The ruling allows the city to not only pursue its current lawsuits against insurance companies, but it also gives the city more influence down the road in other areas.

“This puts new cops on the beat,” said Bryan Liang, director of the Institute of Health Law Studies at California Western School of Law in San Diego. “Lots of stuff in the standard operating practices of health plans is going to be affected by that decision.”

Additionally, Los Angeles City Atty. Carmen Trutanich said he agreed with the appellate court’s ruling. “I am committed 100% to pursuing our litigation against these insurers,” he said. “Illegally canceling people’s healthcare coverage after they get sick is unconscionable.”

Moreover, Los Angeles Assistant City Atty. James W. Colbert III suggested that the recent ruling against health insurance companies may encourage prosecutors in other cities to review the practices of health insurers in their areas. “This decision invites that kind of interest,” he said.

Anthem Blue Cross has yet to decide whether it will appeal the decision, but some believe that the company should be worried about the negative fallout of the unfair business practices.

However, the managed healthcare department said that prosecuting health insurance companies by local government offices is “duplicative regulation” that actually undermines process that has been made to “ensure quality, accessible healthcare.” As a result, some realize that health insurance companies will ultimately increase health insurance costs.

Individuals looking for reliable health policies from insurers they can trust should work with a qualified health insurance broker who can recommend health plans for their specific needs and budgets. While Anthem is one of the largest health insurers in California, there are a wide variety of other insurance providers offering many different types of health insurance plans and coverage options for consumers across the state. Working with an experienced health insurance broker can help to ensure that consumers have the best health insurance plans for their needs and budgets.

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California Toxic Tort Lawyer On Toxic Fumes Exposure Injuries & Deaths at Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Offices, Schools, Malls & Public Places

Hospitals, schools, nursing homes and public places today are faced with a serious dilemma. Risk the spread of germs that can inhibit the recovery of patients, cause students, shoppers, fitness center members and other members of the public to become sick and allow their germs to spread to others, or utilize dangerous sanitary cleaners and disinfectants, which if used incorrectly or diluted improperly can be fatal to patients, workers and visitors alike.

Common disinfectants used by hospitals today can cause toxic fumes which if a patient, visitor or hospital worker is exposed to will injure their lungs and other areas of their body and can cause death. The warning on such products, many of which are used widely by hospitals and other medical facilities state in bold print on the warning labels such as, Danger! Causes Digestive Tract, Eye and Skin Burns. Causes Respiratory Tract Irritation. May be fatal if inhaled. Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing. Avoid breathing vapors, spray or mists. Use only with adequate ventilation.

With such dire warnings, the question one must ask is, what is such a product doing in a hospital? Today, hospitals must cope with viruses and germs such as the H1N1 virus, and bloodborne pathogens such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and the human immunodeficiency virus, HIV. They must deal with blood and bodily fluids on the floors, on the bed sheets and on medical instruments.

The risks of catching such germs and viruses by patients, extends to visitors alike and to hospital workers. To prevent the transmission of such germs and viruses to everyone in hospitals and medical offices, disinfectants have been produced and are now being sold to and used by medical providers the world over.

Visit our website at and call us if you’ve been seriously injured by toxic fumes or a toxic chemical exposure at a hospital, medical office, nursing home, school, fitness center, shopping mall or other public place.

The first problem with using such products is that even under the safest of conditions, there is the risk that such products will be made stronger than they should be. Despite quality controls, mistakes in the manufacture of anything, can happen. Machines fail, humans make mistakes, and products can come out of a manufacturing plant with the wrong levels of chemicals. Prior to manufacture, research can be faulty as well. What may be thought to be a safe level of toxicity when put into the stream of commerce, years later it may be determined to not be safe at all.

Even when a product is made safely, the warnings on such products can be unclear or not sufficiently dire. The warnings and directions may be misread, ignored or not followed correctly. Products that need to be diluted before use, may be used in their concentrated level instead by mistake by workers who cannot read the warnings or directions due to a reduced proficiency in English, in their reading skills or due to being put under pressure to clean up a spill quickly before someone slips and falls.

Directions for dilution of the products only in safe rooms with protective gloves, breathing apparatus or safety goggles may be ignored or not followed by mistake. The vapors from such products may then be breathed into the lungs of the hospital workers, the patients, the medical staff, nurses and visitors. Patients who seemed on the road to recovery may suddenly develop new and more deadly symptoms that make no sense to their doctors, who themselves feel worse the longer they are at the hospital or in certain rooms where the products have been used.

While workers may use precautions for their own safety, they may forget to use such precautions for the safety of patients, staff and visitors. Directions to only use such products in well-ventilated areas to prevent breathing in concentrated fumes may be forgotten when such products are used in patient, staff or visitor areas that are not well-ventilated.

Anyone thinking that the cleaning and disinfectant products used by hospitals are the same as what one finds and uses at home is sadly mistaken. Many of the products used by hospitals have numerous ingredients …

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